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Molho is the work of Brazilian director Marcelo Altino Garcia. He has created across numerous disciplines and takes a unique individualist approach to each project. I have posted his work before but he has recently updated with some new and noteworthy projects. He has a large body of work already on display and he is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future.

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Brazilian motion design firm Molho has a large portfolio of work that runs deeper than motion into print, typography and even experimental drawing and illustration.

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Molho: Project Max Haus

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Brazillian Motion Agency Molho does the kind of work that melts your brain. Recently they conceived a two minute free-from motion piece for Maxhaus. Maxhaus is a Brazillian brand that specializes in modular custom lofts.

Molho studio is based in Sao Paulo and led b creative director Marcelo Garcia. The studio aims to conceptualize and produce ideas across all mediums and in very possible format.

Have a gander at their work for Maxhaus and be patient because they will soon have a full and proper website where you can review the rest of their work.

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