Mirror Mirror

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I’m officially putting Ben Hibon on the ‘one to watch’ list for sure.

Director: Ben Hibon
VFX & Animation: One Of Us Ltd.
VFX Supervisor: Dominic Parker
Technical Lead: James Healy
CG Supervisor: Stephen Murphy
Lead Animator: Michael Mellor
Animators: Han-Ter Park, Jamie McCarter, Jonathan Topf
Lead Compositor: Lewis Saunders
Compositors: Andrew Hodgen, Pat Wong
Concept/Matte Artists: Alexis Liddell, Zsolt Balogh
Character Design: Ben Hibon
Colour Grading: Tom Debenham
Texture Artist: Richard Hopkins
VFX Producer: Emma Ibbeston
CG Artists: Samuel J Walsh, Frank Engen
Pipeline Supervisor: Sam Swift-Glasman

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Viva: Game 1 Opener

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“For the redesign of Vivas’ GameOne computer games show AixSponza created the whole package. This is the opener for each show. It’s covering the history of computer games starting from Pong over Jump and Run to First Person Shooters in a more abstract style.”

Title: VIVA Game One Opener
Client: VIVA MTV Networks
Creative Director: Dinko Lacic
Animation Studio: AixSponza GmbH
CD / VFX Supervisor: Manuel Casasola Merkle
Lead 3D Artist: Manuel Casasola Merkle
Sculpting, Rigging: Ulf Gieseler
Character Anim: Leonhard Akinbiyi
Fluid Sim: Matthias Zabiegly
Compositing: Manuel Casasola Merkle
Producer: Anne Tyroller
Sound Design & Mix: Fuat Yüksel

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Delicate Machines: Showreel 2012

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Delicate Machines make a splash with a strong reel for 2012.

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Wattsmedia: What We Do

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Jordan Scott was asked by Wattsmedia to generate an explanatory video explaining what they do. Yes the dreaded 2 minute explanatory video. Well this my friends is the kind of work you do when given that task. Great stuff.

Client: Wattsmedia
Direction, Illustration, Design and Animation by Jordan Scott
Audio by Wesley Slover
Voice Over by Dan Speigelman
More on Wattsmedia here: wattsmedia.us/

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Mad In Spain: 2012 Titles

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Created by none other than the mighty Superfad.

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Matt Mendez: Square

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I am really digging this newly released official video for Matt Mendez’s new single ‘Square’.

Production : W2P Studios / OMG Prod
Director : Louis Tardivier
First Assistant : Marion Bouychou
Paper Artist : Alexis Facca aka Paper Donut
Animators : Louis Tardivier, Marion Bouychou, Alexis Facca, Laurent Lasserre
Compositing : Laurent Lasserre, Romain Loubersanes
Download Square + remixes for free at : soundcloud.com/mattmendez/sets/matt-mendez-square-ep-free/

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Lukas Vojir: Showreel 2012

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Tasty new reel from Lukas Vojir.

Credits and linkage:
Design/Motion/3D: Lukas Vojir



Music: how2make-rec.bandcamp.com/album/surrender-ep-ep

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She: OFFF Barcelona Titles

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We watched this in it’s entirety yesterday and all I can say is that it is batshit insane but in a totally supreme taco awesome kind of way.

“‘Welcome little one! We shall call you SHE’ is what we felt like saying after giving birth to the OFFF Barcelona 2012 Main Titles. It has literally been like going through labour, albeit a labour of love. We feel very excited and extremely privileged to be able to present this project. Brosmind created an incredible double-feature comic and plastic masks with the face of the characters that were handed out at the festival. The two projects are intimately connected and bear witness of a great collaborative effort. Big hugs Bros!”

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99 Percent Conference Titles

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Here is a nice little title piece for the upcoming 99% conference for 2012. Art direction by Behance’s Matias Corea, animation by Hugh Gran.

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Maras Malley:  Updates

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Ms. Maras Malley has updated with some quite frankly stunning new visuals for some of the biggest clients in entertainment. We are continually taken aback by her inspirational talent. We are all huge fans of her work at our studio. She takes her projects to the next level consistently and raises the bar all the way up to ‘art’. Not an easy thing to do.

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Mr. Div

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So I sorta owe Matthew DiVito AKA Mr. Div a post since I posted some of his work last week and didn’t credit it properly. I had no clue where it came from originally to be honest but did manage to check out his site this week and if you are a fan of the animated gif then his work will not disappoint.

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Modeselektor & Thom Yorke: This

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Peeped this a little earlier in the week but FutureDeluxe recently released this fantastic new video for the single ‘This’ by Modeselektor (I always wanna say ‘Modskeletor’ when I see their name) and Thom Yorke.

Created by FutureDeluxe / futuredeluxe.co.uk /
Twitter / twitter.com/futuredeluxe
Facebook / facebook.com/pages/Future-Deluxe/183007228394786

Produced by FutureDeluxe & Fractured Films

Directed by – Andrew Jones
Written by – Jason Drew & Andrew Jones
3d & animation – Jason Drew & Xander Marritt
Girl character rigging & animation – Xander Marritt
Producer / Art Director – James Callahan
Titles – Ollie Aplin & Andrew Jones
Wardrobe – Skye Pennant

Actress – Sheryl Lee
Marionettist – Sarah Fitzpatrick

Fractured Films / fracturedfilms.com
Director of Photography – Dominic Jones
1st AD – Will Jewell
Producer – Daniel Nixon
1st Assistant Camera – Jason Oxley
Gaffer – Stefan Mitchell
Grip – Phil Richards
Make-up – Nathan McLaughlin
Runner – Lorena Wright


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Syndrome 2012 Reel

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Syndrome is still cranking out some truly stellar work after several years in the business. And for a business this finicky there is something to be said for that.

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Kris Merc

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I think I have maybe posted the work of Director Kris Merc before but alas, it’s definitely worth looking at again because he has some crazy jaw dropping imagery represented in his portfolio that definitely sets him apart from a lot of young commercial directors.

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Friends of Mine

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Well this is long long overdue but I am sure many of you have noticed the blog has slowed a bit lately. The reason being is that at the start of March we launched a new venture with some old friends. Over the past two years we opened an actual creative studio under the Changethethought name and managed to work on a lot of projects for some very exciting clients. In order to take things to the next level we combined our studio with the amazing talents at Friends of Mine. Changethethought will be shifting back more toward non client-based projects like art prints, posters, exhibitions, group shows, events, etc. We’ll be looking to collaborate a lot more with other artists under this new venture and are working on plans to completely overhaul the website and how it serves the creative community.

So far we have been insanely busy with our projects through Friends of Mine. Our focus is primarily motion design, animation, 3d and illustration but we are also looking to work on print, branding and digital projects. We’ve worked for some big agencies over the past few months as well as several agencies in our home base city of Denver, Colorado. It’s been a real thrill to work alongside some of the best motion designers in the state and we will be opening a new office in July close to downtown Denver. You can check out our 2012 reel above and we recently launched a new Friends of Mine website.

Keep any eye out and please keep us in mind for any projects you might find our capabilities suitable for. And expect several changes over the next 2 years with Changethethought. We will be releasing several new prints over the coming months and are looking for new artists to collaborate with.

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Birdpen: Nature Regulate

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Pooya Abbasian sent in a recent music video created for Birdpen’s single ‘Nature Regulate’. The video involved some simple but super fun character design and it’s even more fun to watch.

Story, Director, Animation, Illustration and Backgrounds:

Illustration, Character Design and 3D character Modeling:

3D Animation, 3D Object Modeling, Post Production:

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Helio Vega

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Madrid-based motionographer Helio Vega has returned to the freelance world and recently posted an updated reel. His work is still looking pretty fresh and he’s showing little signs of stopping.

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Again here we go with another amazing student project this time by Jacob Streilein as a part of his studies at Cal Arts. There is a wonderful style represented here and the animation isn’t too shabby either. Keep an eye on Jacob. (Give us a call when you are out my friend).

Music by Michael Paul Kennedy

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