Silver Screen Society

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Silver Screen Society is a group of designers and friends that work toward creating art and designs honoring the many stories told through the world of cinema. The project’s roots lie in the book clubs of yore, with each month bringing a new film and cast of contributors that carry with them their own unique interpretations and ideas.’

Hopefully these will someday be printed although rights issues associated with film are notoriously sticky.

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The FP

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In a post-apocalyptic ‘Mad Max’ like world created by the director duo the Trost Brothers problems are solved ‘Dance Dance Revoloution’ style. All you need is a bench, the backing of your crew and a bad ass eye patch. We feel strongly compelled to see this movie and maybe throw a big crazy video game dance party right afterward.

PS: This trailer is NSFW. So now you must watch it immediately.

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

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Alright, I am totally going to have to see this and you should too if you have ever worked anywhere near, in or around advertising which should pretty much encompass all of us in the creative industry, at least those of us who have had to work on a commercial project, so like I was sayin’ pretty much all of us. Ironically actually, I think Morgan Spurlock himself was once a graphic designer. So go figure.

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Today kids, it’s time to learn all about a hallucinogenic substance called ‘acid’.

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Rich Pellegrino

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Rhode Island based painter and illustrator Rich Pellegrino draws inspiration from iconic movie characters that he paints in Gouache capturing a frenetic energy and the personality of the character. Not surprisingly some of his works have already found their way into some private collectors collections (try saying that three times really fast).

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Tron Premiere – A Light Session

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Riders at the Tron Legacy Premiere were deployed in a skate ramp equipped with an ipods and programmed with a custom-built app to measure their air time and trigger graphics whilst in the air and on landing. Radical man.

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Gary Hecker – Vetran Foley Artist

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Gary Hecker started his career as a foley artist with the movie ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and has been going strong ever since. This short documentary features Hecker at work on a few different films where he shows and explains what it takes to a professional in a very unique niche of the entertainment industry.

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Little White Lies: Tron Legacy

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Little White Lies has put it’s ‘Tron Legacy‘ issue on the stands and it looks like an extra fun issue. There are some very relevant ‘Tron-inspired’ topics in this issue including: Why Hollywood stars are right to be afraid of the virtual actor’, ‘What can cinema teach us about the look and feel of our future world?’ and ‘The inside story on the making of the original TRON.’

Personally, I have never laid hands on an actual copy of Little White Lies but I’ve been told it’s a really well put together publication. As a commemorative part of this issue you can also purchase a print of the cover at the Little White Lies shop.

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John Mattos

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Illustrator John Mattos has only one long and glorious scroll of beautiful images in his Behance-folio but it is oh-so-worth-checking-out. Mattos is the recipient of over 100 awards for graphic excellence from various graphic magazines and design organizations including a Gold Medal from the New York Society of Illustrators, Gold from the New York Art Director’s Club and Silver from the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators. He has illustrated for just about every client and magazine you can think of and has also developed institutional projects and provided consulting for Harvard, Stanford, Art Center College, N.Y.U., Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of the Pacific, Brigham Young University.

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Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

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This is brought to you by the comedic-duo BriTANicK. Who at their website claim to be ‘two guys wasting their degrees’. I would say ‘hardly’ to that with material like this little gem that is smartly written and totally hilarious. Someone is going to be calling them over this one and hopefully paying them for some new material because this is good stuff.

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Spike Jonze – Im Here

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As I am sure you have heard from numerous other blogs, Spike Jonze has directed a short film which recently aired at the Sundance Film Festival titled ‘I’m Here‘ (sorry my headline font conversion doesn’t allow apostrophes). The film is branded content for Absolut but it looks beautiful. If brands want to throw their weight behind genuine ‘art’ for a change and allow people to flex their brain muscles a little bit, I think that could be a good thing. Jonze really is incredible. His childlike vision and appreciation for ‘wonder’ always translates beautifully into his films.

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Exit Through The Gift Shop

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The notorious artist who needs no introduction, Banksy, has completed a film that will air soon titled ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop‘. Who wants to take a bet that he doesn’t actually reveal his identity at some point in the film?

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100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes

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This is kind of spectacularly amazing just on the premise of it being an incredible feat of editing. Then beyond that there is just entertainment value of pulling some real crap out of context and seeing how glaringly ridiculous it actually is. I think subconsciously you know some of these lines are horrible when you watch films, but years of unrelenting advertising and big budget movie culture teach you to tune it out as if it were an autoimmune response.

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Film in the Blanks

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Film in the Blanks is an ongoing experiment to abstract and/or reduce film posters. It’s a very interesting study in graphic design and some of the results are a lot of fun to look at. See if you can guess what movie each poster represents.

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The upcoming movie Kick-Ass looks like it could be a lot of fun but one of the lead characters, Hit Girl may leave you questioning (at least on a morale/spiritual level) if a movie like this is really signaling the final downfall of Western Society.

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We Have Decided Not To Die

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We Have Decided Not To Die is a short film by writer/director/producer Daniel Askill. You can read an interview with Askill conducted by Sarah Runcie, the AFC Film Development Administration Officer at the We Have Decided Not To Die website. I will leave you with a pull quote explanation of the film below:

We Have Decided Not To Die is an unusual short film. A modern day allegorical triptych, three figures under go transformation through three rituals. Though not a story in any conventional sense, We Have Decided Not To Die succeeds in taking audience on an emotional journey. Aurally intriguing, often stunning and always beautiful, Danielís short film has been winning fans from around the festival circuit.

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Blanka – Exergian TV Posters

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Blanka has decided to print and sell Austrian graphic designer Alber Exergian’s minimal TV show and movie posters. They swept the internet only a couple of weeks back and Blanka decided to seize the moment and print them as a series of A1 Epson giclee prints. It looks like it could make a nice Christmas gift for your graphic designing loved one.

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Director/Screenwriter/Producer/Editor: Tim Bollinger
Cinematographer: Daniel Meinl
Sounddesign: Michael Fakesch designingsounds.com
More here:

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