Home Video – I Can Make You Feel It

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I am really digging this new diddy by Home Video. They made me feel it. They kind of sound like Radiohead with a little added oomph.

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zZz: Running with the Beast

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“Running with the Beast is a video for the band zZz
Roel made a music video, and a series of posters. The project is about two artists who have created the conditions to capture rage n a sytematic way.

Two colored cocks print their fight on a sheet of paper.”

I am pretty sure that is the last time you will see the words ‘colored cocks’ used in a context that won’t get you punched in the face. Those sure are some mean and angry cocks though. You gotta admit that. They are artsy too.

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Mtv Music

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Remember all of those music videos from your youth that you absolutely loved. Better yet, remember when Mtv actually played music videos? Well, they have put their full archive online and it is a treasure trove of good times and a pleasant stroll down memory lane.

You can watch all your favorites now at Mtv Music.

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The Acorn: Flood Part 1

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The Canadian Indie Rock/Folk Collective The Acorn released their new album Glory Hope Mountain in early March. “Flood Pt. 1″ is the first video release promoting the album and it is worth noting as a fine piece of art as well. The video was directed by Christopher Mills. Apparently Mills hasn’t really been on the music video scene for a few years now since his earlier work with a few of my favorite bands like Broken Social Scene and Interpol. The video is very unusual and puts in the work to help deliver on the narrative of the strangely driving if not somewhat tribal song. Production-wise it appears to be mostly 3d but the weaving in of analog accents like sketches and fine art give it a more visceral and dreamlike quality. It is definitely one of the most interesting and original videos I have seen so far this year.

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