Runnin Fools

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Its a simple idea really, put your camera on a 2 second timer and then just run as fast as you can and as far as you can.

Why you might ask? ‘Why not’, I would answer.

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Levi Van Veluw: Updates

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The unusual and brilliant Levi Van Veluw has updated his site with more of his fascinating portraits.

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Alvin Chan updates with new and stunning graphic design work. He is one of the best.

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Wild digital compositing from the very young and very talented 18yr old aspiring Netherlands-based Rik Oostenbroek.

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There is a full portfolio of good graphic design work waiting at Ontwerpatelier.

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I am really digging some of the paintings by Raymond Teitsma.

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The world’s first Graphic Design Museum has opened this week in the Netherlands. It’s one more reason I wished I lived in Europe. When I was in college my friends and I used to talk about how we hoped one day graphic design would be recognized as the art that it really is and find it’s rightful place in art history and culture. It’s good to see someone out there is starting to do so and saw fit to finally build a museum about it. It will be interesting to see just how many visitors they pull in.

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Levi Van Veluw

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Levi Van Veluw is an artist based in the Netherlands who sculpts onto living people and photographs the results. There isn’t much information about him on his website but his work is fascinating. You can also view a film of one of his sculptures in action at his site. He is currently exhibiting in locations across Europe and the states.

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Bert Simons

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Bert Simons is a Netherlands-based Designer/Programmer who has created some very unusual sculptures. Using a 3d modeling program he maps portraits of people, including himself as pictured above of over a wireframe model. He then breaks the image down into a series of geometric shapes and outputs the pieces. He cuts them apart and then after what I could only imagine would be a lengthy and trying bit of time manages to glue them together to create the striking papercraft sculptures above. Yes, that’s right they are made out of paper. Ah will the wonders of technology never cease. So bizarre but utterly fascinating, if not the least little bit disturbing.

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It’s been a while since I’ve been to their site, but the Sauerkids never seem to leave my creative peripheral. Sauerkids is a illustrative duo out of the Netherlands who, in the past years, have provided me with a great deal of creative inspiration. I have a lot of creative influence, in a lot of mediums but these guys are one of the few that sit on the top of that list. Yeah, they do the whole illustration thing, but they throw in this odd, underlying theme of cynical humor mixed with morbid surrealism. They’ve had a pretty good amount of press in some great publications and have exhibited their work in a handful of galleries across the globe. Their characters and compositions have no doubt, lent something to the creative industry as a whole and will reassuringly continue to do so for years to come.

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