Aaron Nagel: Updates

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Painter Aaron Nagel updated both his website and his portfolio since I last dropped in a long long time ago. He’s continuing with the same portraiture imagery of women but starting to up the symbolism bit by bit as he goes.

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Omni Phantasmic

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“As a youth in North Carolina; I begun my path as an abstract painter and figurative sculptor; my motivation grew from my interest of psychophysical effects of chroma. Photography holds all the intrinsic values of all the other arts; but differers in the fact the it’s the foundation of existence. My creations are the exploration of my inner facilities; in the pursuit of contemporary knowledge expressing “original thoughts”.   “Nothing can exist without the photon, and every aspect is controlled by it’s usage””

His recent series of underwater nudes are totally stunning.

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Miru Kim

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Photographer Miru Kim wanders across cities and apocalyptic demolition sites in a voyage of naked self discovery in a highly introspective and spiritual photographic study.

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Hannes Caspar

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Photographer Hannes Caspar captures beautifully simple images that preserve the integrity of the sitter while offering a window into the mystery of the individual. He is primarily driven by the human form and the effect of humankind on the world. Truly gorgeous work.

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French photographer Stéphane Fugier primary focus is nudes and yet his imagination within that one simple confine pushes boundaries by intertwining his subjects with symbolism and environment.

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Although you could say the name ‘Tnacir’ is a little questionable, it’s hard not to like the combination of contemporary art nudes with patterns using a warm muted color palette.  You can see them in the Tnacir Flickrfolio. I wish I knew more about this artist but I guess the work speaks for itself.

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Giuliano Bekor

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Really amazing photography from Giuliano Bekor. Every image is a work of art. Beautiful.

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