Nosferatu Screen Printed Poster

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NOTE: We’ve dropped the price of both posters by 15 dollars. The regular is now $40 and the variant is now $60.

All prior purchases have been refunded for the reduced price. International shipping is also now allowed.

This morning we will release our first ever screen printed movie poster for the classic silent German expressionist masterpiece Nosferatu. There are two editions of the poster available. 170 regular posters will be available for $40. Each poster is hand signed and numbered by the artist. The regular version is 3 colors with 1 metallic and 1 glow in the dark ink. 70 German Variant posters will be available for $60. Each poster is hand signed and numbered by the artist. The variant version is 4 colors with 1 metallic and 1 glow in the dark ink. Both posters were designed and illustrated by Christopher Cox. Both posters were printed by D&L Printing. We had the GID ink overloaded so they glow very brightly in the dark. It’s a lot of fun to see in person.

We won’t be shipping overseas. We can ship to Canada for an up charge of 5 dollars. We will refund combined shipping orders. Combined shipping is 20 dollars. It’s adding full shipping price currently in Big Cartel so we will refund your overcharge for shipping directly immediately after your purchase.

The posters will go up at a random time but should drop soon this morning (hint). Please follow our Twitter feed for news of the release. Posters will be for sale in our online shop.

Thanks so much for your support. We look forward to producing more exciting posters and merchandise in the near future.

See more actual photos of the poster after the jump.  Continue reading »

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I gotta say that Landland is quickly becoming one of my favorite poster-makers. Their work just kind of came out of nowhere (at least to me) in the past year or so and everything they release just gets better. It’s genuinely artistic work and it really stands out in the poster scene.

About Landland:
“Landland is a very small graphic design & illustration studio in Minneapolis that was started by Dan Black, Jessica Seamans & Matt Zaun in the spring of 2007. We had all been making things for quite a while before that, but 2007 was when we actually moved into a real studio and built the loft and the walls and a massive printing table, and learned how to install sinks and lights and all of that. Now it’s just Dan & Jes.

The Landland studio doubles as a fully-functional screenprinting shop, mainly focusing on record sleeves, posters and art prints. We make these things with computers and scanners and photocopiers and drawings and fun printing techniques and whatever we need to use to get the job done. We are also about to start publishing some short-run books and a handful of very limited-edition records. Where we live tends to get very cold, so a lot of times the only thing that makes sense is to stay inside and draw tessellation patterns or the names of bands or messed-up billboards or things that you remember from back when it was fun to go outside.”

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Hydro 74 Posters

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Hydro 74 has stepped into the print game in a big way with some great posters that are currently for sale at his online storefront for very reasonable prices especially considering that they are silkscreened. He also has a new poster releasing with Burlesque of North America.

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Indyink: 2012 Poster Apocalypse

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Indyink will be hosting a little poster exhibition this Friday here in Denver. The theme of the exhibit is ‘2012’. I will be exhibiting the above silkscreened poster at the show which will also be available for purchase. Originally I thought about taking the whole thing really seriously and making some thought provoking conspiracy theory-inspired piece before realizing it would be a lot more fun and probably memorable to just call shenanigans on the whole 2012 thing. The poster made my wife laugh and I figure if it’s good for anything at least it was good for that. I managed to squeeze Nostradamus, a Crystal Skull, Mayan sacrifice, Mayan numerals and alien abduction all into one piece so there is that at least.

I am going to try to make the show possibly with my baby son in tow, so please stop by, grab a beer and say hello. Thank you to Indyink for inviting me to take part.

2012: Poster Apocalypse
Address: 84 S. Broadway • Denver, CO
Phone: 720.937.9722
Time: 11AM-6PM MON-SAT


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Studio Newwork: Calendar

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Studio Newwork recently released a new calendar for 2011 where they composed dates as musical notes. The calendar is silk screened on large ( 26 ” x 40″) and thick weight stone henge paper rough-edged paper in an edition of 100.

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Snowblinded – Kickflip

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My friend and local Denver designer/illustrator Anthony Cozzi has recently refreshed his online store with a new hand drawn screen printed poster featuring an oldie but goodie skate trick. Anthony invests a lot in his prints and uses high quality materials so you can be assured this will look sharp on your wall and if you into skeleton sport tricks you could always pair it with his Dead Wheelie print from the San Francisco Art Crank exhibition.

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Seb Lester: Updates

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Seb Lester is etching an inarguable place in the current annals of typographic history (I do my best to never miss a chance to use the word ‘annals’ when it’s applicable). This latest poster is just fantastic. Seriously amazing work that no doubt took a true commitment to create. You can pick one up in either silver or gold here.

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A1 Calendar Poster

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Mark Bloom of Mash Creative sent me word about his recently designed and now available for sale A1 Calendar Poster. The run is limited to 100 and you can pick one up at Counter-Objects.

“The posters are printed 2 colour litho on 170gsm cyclus offset with a 60% cyan shiner to achieve an extra rich black. Each poster is hand numbered and signed by the designer.”

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Roland Tiangco

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Roland Tiangco’s dirt poster is blazing a trail across the creative blogosphere and for good reason. Simply put, it’s a brilliant piece of print work that can be appreciated by both design and conceptual advertising minds alike. Kudos Mr. Tiangco.

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Artillery Design

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A visitor to the site was kind enough to point out the poster works of Artillery Design.

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Philippe Apeloig

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Philippe Apeloig

Super attractive typography in the portfolio of Philippe Apeloig. Smart, clean – very lovely.

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Changethethought Interview

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I have been interviewed recently by several publications including Pilot Magazine in New Zealand, .PSD Magazine and an interview with Advanced Photoshop UK that hit the newstands today. Being interviewed is always interesting in my case because since I have been so open about my political beliefs on the site, I am often asked questions that I don’t think a lot of other designers would be asked. Inevitably the discussion always shifts away from design and into ideas about the future and where exactly civilization is going. It’s hard for me to talk about what I do without talking about how I see the bigger picture influencing my work. One thing I always hate talking about is style. I always feel like there is this urgent need to be able to pigeon hole designers and artists into a neat little definable genre. I like to experiment a lot and never really settle on any discernable style. I feel like the digital age offers up that opportunity now and I like to take advantage of that.

Anyway, those are some of the things discussed in my recent interviews. If you would like to read my interview with Advanced Photoshop UK, you can do so by downloading a low-res PDF of the interview here.

I also put a couple new poster designs in the print section of the site that you can check out. You can read more about them there as well. There is one in there for all of you fellow Helvetica lovers. There are lots of things going on in my life right now. Stay tuned. I promise you posters will be printed soon. This whole blog thing along with a fulltime job are really pulling me at both ends. It’s been difficult to stay on top of it all lately. I am going back into classes for acting next week as well. So, there are lots of things happening. You gotta live while you can.

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Peter and Wendy Poster

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Peter and Wendy sent a note this morning that they have printed their first limited run poster which is currently up for sale at their website.

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eBoy – Los Angeles Poster

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Wow, this new poster by eBoy is insane. I don’t think he left a thing out. It’s about the mad havoc that is the city of angels. You can find it and buy it here.

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