Poster Aid Controversy

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Writer John Pavlus has asked a question that has sparked a healthy debate amongst the design community over the creation of postera to spark aid for disasters and has used James White’s (Signlenoise) recent poster which raised $7,000 for charity as the crux for his argument. It’s caused quite a stir if you scroll down the read the comments, and to be honest we have struggled so far with what the right reaction to our concern over Japanese crisis should be as a studio. We thought about creating a poster but immediately felt mixed emotions about doing so for the very reasons Pavlus raises but we also see the positive in creating something that inspires people to give who otherwise would not. It’s an interesting debate. What do you think?

We decided probably the best thing we could do was just post a link to donate to charity which you will now see to the right of the blog until we think it’s the right time to take it down.

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Changethethought – Flickrfolio

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We have been getting pretty crazy about updating our studio Flickrfolio lately. In the past 2-3 weeks we’ve posted a grip of new work on almost a daily basis. I have personally been working on several new ongoing self-initiated illustration projects just to stretch my legs a little. I’ve been diving deep into psychedelic art lately and some of the work definitely reflects that. So keep an eye out because we are using Flickr as our place to just dump whatever it is we might be up to for the hell of it.

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Demian Conrad: Updates

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The Demian Conrad Design studio is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and recently completed a large project for the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, referred to locally as ‘LUFF’. The project features some unusual posters that when seen through the proper glasses reveal some disturbing images. Demian’s been cranking out some excellent Swiss design work from day 1. Ahh to live and design in Switzerland.

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Sonnenzimmer Anniversary Sale

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In celebration of their 6th year in business Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi who make up studio Sonnenzimmer are offering their wonderful collection of posters for only 20 bucks each. Time to stock up on some new art.

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Berg: Editions of 100

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Independent UK based studio Berg has updated their Editions of 100 collection featuring original limited edition works encompassing art, design & photography.

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Bibliotheque Editions

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Studio Bibliothèque has successfully launched their online poster design store at Bibliothèque Editions. There are some excellent posters for sale within the online store for a variety of price points (some very high some very low).

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SantaMonica Barcelona

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SantaMonica is a Barcelona based brand focused on clean, crisp and classic graphic design. Consequently they have an absolutely stellar collection of posters and tee shirts available for purchase at their website. The images are a little smaller at their home website but you can get a much larger view in their Behance portfolio. I was confused by the ‘Santa Monica’ part of their name when I first came across the posters, thinking maybe they were part of a public campaign created for the city of Santa Monica. Nevertheless, they are expertly designed and I could imagine the posters generating a healthy dose of conversation in the right setting.

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Bandito Design Co: Updates

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Bandito Design Co posted a few new retro-inspired posters in his Flickr-folio that make great use of color. There is a series of postcards to that are also very very nice. I’m not sure if prints will be available for purchase but I could see some folks being interested if they were.

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“Print-process is the new sister company to the online print shop Blanka. Print-Process was born out of the concept of creating print in a more democratic and liberating way for our customers.

With Print-Process the idea is to give more power to the customer. We have 1 fixed price structure [depending on the size of print you order] and the artists all work democratically to the same system. The customer can choose the print they want to own, but now depending on their finances or the size of the space they live in, they can chose the same great work but now are able to specify the size and better control the price they pay. The work is all digitally made to order to the highest giclee print standard, and to keep the cost friendly for the customer, it is made to an open ended edition. Some prints by some artists, whilst open ended, may run to a limited time frame. We believe this is an interesting way of getting our unique design work out to our customers without compromising artists’ individual standards. Our aim is that this will be a liberating concept and fulfilling experience for both our artists and our customers.”

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Donna Wearmouth

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Graphic designer Donna Wearmouth has a small but promising body of work that makes use of the barest of minimal forms and typography.

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Adam Fantome

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Adam Fantome draws things and makes those things into fancy prints. He has just updated with a new print of Lady Gaga and one of his last few prints has already sold out.

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Tyler Stout: Updates

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Poster designer and illustrator Tyler Stout has still been cranking out the goods lately. I would kill for a copy of his ‘The Thing’ poster. I recently saw a copy of it hanging in the bedroom of Robin Williams character in ‘World’s Greatest Dad’. His recent poster for the Black Keys looks pretty sweet and will no doubt sell out like the rest.

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The Silent Giants: Update

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We make it no secret that we absolutely love the posters produces by The Silent Giants and they recently updated their store with a new series for ‘Our Infinite Universe‘. You can buy them individually or as a set for only 100 clams which is an amazing deal for a truly artistic set of prints. We just wish the previews were a hair bigger so we could get a better preview of how beautiful the posters are in the storefront. They are one of the best new shops out there though for what they do and they just keep getting better.

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Edit is a project in which each participating designer was asked to represent a musical genre using only one element and one typeface that clearly states the genre. The end result is a series of minimalist posters available for purchase.

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Tim Gough: Store

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Artist and illustrator Tim Gough has launched an online storefront and stocked it with both some beautiful prints and some excellent tee shirts.

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Ventilate Poster Series 5

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Ventilate has released their 5th free downloadable poster series entitled ‘Dystopia’. There are some nice entries this go round including the spacesuit astronaut pilot artwork of Derek Stenning. Each poster is available at 300 dpi so you can print them out and hang them in your domicile or studio. Thank you Ventilate.

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Seb Lester: Updates

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Typographer Seb Lester wrote in this morning that he has updated both his commercial portfolio as well as his personal storefront with some great new posters. Seb is pretty amazing when about his craft and attention to detail when it comes to typography and everyone at Changethethought is a big fan of his work.

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DesignBy.TwoPoints has updated with some exceptional work that is very inspiring. They are not afraid to experiment in the name of educational investigation to better themselves and refresh their bag of tricks for client commissioned work. It’s great to see a studio pushing themselves in such a manner and it’s easy to expect that TwoPoints is only going to get better with time.

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