Berg Studio

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I know I have visited Berg Studio’s website sometime in the past but am not sure if I have posted it before. Regardless, they are a UK-based studio pumping out some solid design and branding work. They also have a nice website that features a decent sideblog showcasing what inspires their efforts.

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Made by Six: Updates

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UK design consultancy Six has updated with a bevy of dead sexy print and branding work for a select roster of clients. It’s all clean, pretty and very inspirational. It’s also extremely well presented. Good stuff.

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Yes Studio: Updates

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Yes has updated after a very long time and of course every click is rewarded with highly considered and beautiful work. They continue to inspire.

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Maddison Graphic: Updates

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Maddison Graphic has updated recently with some cracking clean design work and some minimal illustration. They were kind enough to send us a great little mailer last year and we have been following their work since.

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Bandito Design Co: Updates

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Design studio Bandito has kept busy and it looks like there are a lot of new prints in their shop since I last dropped in. I am a fan of their simple, retro and super fun style.

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Jason Thielke: Head Study Print

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Local (Denver) artist Jason Thielke recently released a giclée print simply titled ‘Head Study’ that you can pick up here via his personal store front. If you are interested in the original art you can contact the David B. Smith Gallery.

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Alex Witjas: Updates

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Graphic designer Alex Witjas recently updated her portfolio and she is still generating a lot of colorful and interesting work for Urban Outfitters.

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Tappin Gofton: Updates

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The esteemed London-based design firm Tappin Gofton has updated their already immaculate portfolio with more slick, beautiful and highly inspirational project work.

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The art of making movie posters has gained an insatiable following lately amongst the design and illustration set and there are very few you could call masters of the genre. Akiko Stehrenberger is one of those few with a mass of drop dead gorgeous posters under her belt.

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Editions of 100: Updates

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Editions of 100 recently updated their store cache with some new prints including the print above titled KOMPAKT-KASSETTE by Daniel Freytag. They have done a nice job curating some minimal but attractive prints.

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Bijan Berahimi: Updates

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Bijan Berahimi recently updated with some tasty new print work. He was kind enough to send us a little mailer last year that we really liked. He has an interesting perspective when it comes to us use of type, color and layout. We dig it.

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Doubleday & Cartwright

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Doubleday & Cartwright is a media and design agency with a specialization in sport and culture. Our successes have been various: designing a garment customization space for Nike, turning a baseball legend into a viral and film festival sensation, helping a groundbreaking nutritional juice cleanse grow into a category killer. We participate in the product and content marketplace as both actors and advisors. So we know what it takes to make noise, capture attention, move units, and we offer clients the same excellence that we demand from ourselves on our own time.”

They possess a varied and accomplished portfolio of project work.

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No Pattern: Updates

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Chuck AKA No Pattern has once again updated his portfolio with several new projects for the year of our Lord 2011. He is holding hard and fast to the glow thing too and why not? He pretty much owns that space now and clients recognize his work.

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Till Wiedeck

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Graphic designer Till Wiedeck has recently updated with some exceptional new work including the fantastic album art for Troberg seen above.

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ISO50 Store: Updates

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In case you missed it, ISO50 updated with some tasty new prints including some collaboration work with Seth Haley (Com Truise). Scott Hansen’s work continues to inspire.

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Little Friends of Printmaking

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I’ve posted their work before but one of my favorite print shops recently updated their storefront with some excellent new prints. I am really thinking about plunking down a little money on these for my son’s room. They are super cool, cute but not dumb if you know what I mean. Just a perfect blend of imagination, pop and attitude.

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Popshot Magazine Print Shop

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Popshot Magazine has set up a print shop and has stocked up with some nice giclée prints from some excellent artists like Sam Green and My Dead Pony. They are limited to runs of 150 and fairly reasonably priced if you live across the pond.

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Spin for Print Magazine

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Spin guest art directed a recent edition of Print Magazine and the end result are some seriously striking page layouts. It’s definitely something I intend to drop by the bookstore and pick up immediately for inspiration sake. Good call on the behalf of Print.

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