Mark Gmehling

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There is some very interesting work in the Behance-Folio of German artist and illustrator Mark Gmehling. It’s hard to describe really but the best way to dive in is to first start off with his massive list of exhibition work. It would be amazing to see some of his prints as actual animated physical sculptures.

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New Work From Seb Lester

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Seb Lester has released a short film about his work as an artist and designer. He has also released two new limited edition prints and some new originals. You can view and buy them at seblester.co.uk. Lastly, he’s also updated his site with new client work all of which is fantastic as always.

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Silence Television: New Prints

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I am a fan of Silence Television. His work is the perfect combination of tight graphic design and equally tight illustration. He’s thrown some new prints up for sale and you can’t miss with his work on your wall.

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Adam Batchelor and Christopher Joyner have created an online gallery currently based in the east of England called W.E.L.C.O.M.E. There is some interesting work being represented so far and the venture looks promising considering the cache of talent. The ‘sole purpose’ of the gallery is in providing a new and innovative space for young upcoming artists to showcase and sell print editions of their work.

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Thumbtack Press: Updates

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Thumbtack Press has updated with a new format and increased the number of artists in their cache. You can now purchase affordable prints from a huge group of artists inluding Heiko Mueller, Matthew Woodson and Michael Sieben.

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Brisseaux: Updates

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The illustrator known as ‘Brisseaux‘ has updated with some glowing hot Tron-inspired work that harkens back the 80s with a modern twist. It looks pretty darn cool if you ask me.

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Gifted Co.

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Gifted is a space for us to work with selected artists, designers and illustrators on creative product ideas. We’re currently working on the full site, but really wanted to get everyone that’s going to be involved next year together and create our first joint project.”

This looks very promising. There are some very smart people involved with this and I would imagine you could count on seeing some great prints come out of this project in the coming year.

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Tang Yau Hoong

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Illustrator Tang Yau Hoong has a pretty nifty little shop of prints to choose from. Some of them are very conceptual, they are all different and there are a few gems to be plucked.

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Aaron Bloom

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Illustrator and designer Aaron Bloom is generating some tasty gig posters that feature a strong use of typography.

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Ben Thomas: Updates

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Designer/illustrator Ben Thomas has a very interesting style complimented by the use of 3D. He is one of the few designers using these elements that is regularly releasing prints. It’s all an extremely bright and surreal experience looking through his work but we dig it. He mentioned in an email to us the possibility of a collaboration and we are all ears to that idea.

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Seb Lester: Peace

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Typographer Seb Lester has released another beautiful print with a simple message, ‘peace’. That message is communicated however through a complex and beautiful work of artistic typography. To find out more about purchasing the print visit Lester’s website.

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Safewalls has been releasing some limited edition prints for Cirque du Soleil over the past few months. They have more expensive deluxe prints but also less expensive limited run prints from each artist. There are some great artists involved with the project like Ron English, Miss Van and Tara Mcpherson. The above image is from Ron English’s poster.

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Snowblinded Sale

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My friend and local designer artist Anthony Cozzi AKA Snowblinded is having a limited time sale on all of his prints until April 15th. I actually own the print above that was created for last years Denver Artcrank event and it is actually a silkscreen print. The use of color and the quality of the print is top notch, it looks fantastic in our studio.

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MWM Graphics: Update

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Matt W. Moore got in touch to let us know that he has updated his website for 2011 with all new projects, new goods for sale and just all around newness.

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Sonnenzimmer Anniversary Sale

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In celebration of their 6th year in business Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi who make up studio Sonnenzimmer are offering their wonderful collection of posters for only 20 bucks each. Time to stock up on some new art.

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Berg: Editions of 100

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Independent UK based studio Berg has updated their Editions of 100 collection featuring original limited edition works encompassing art, design & photography.

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Silence Television: Updates

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Gianmarco Magnani has updated his portfolio and shop with some new and expertly crafted prints that pay homage to women, rock n’ roll and motorcycles. Boy oh boy do I love his work. His prints are fantastic.

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MWM Rorschach

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Portland designer and illustrator Matt W. Moore has updated his storefront with a series of 3 new prints entitled ‘Rorschach“.

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