Obama on Race

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If you missed it, in rebuttal to a lot of the slander that has been happening lately in the midst of his campaign, Obama composed an eloquent speech on the touchy subject of race and politics. It’s 2008 people. Seriously, lets get with it for once. What really matters anymore? Does race matter more or the shameless corruption of our entire system for the benefit of a select group of profiteers who want nothing more than to subjugate the world so they can get rich? We are at a crossroads here and it is time we pull ourselves up, collectively and take back ownership of our nation. What kind of country are we making this for our children? I am talking to the twenty and thirty somethings out there. Whether you have children or not, one day we will hand this country over to the next generation. They are already out there. How will we answer when they ask us why we made the choices we did? People around the world are watching us closely to see what we choose now. It is of the utmost importance. It may be one of the most important moments in our history that we will ever experience. We must, for the benefit of the entire world, wrestle this country back from the shameful and greedy men that have used it as their own personal financial coffer. We have been asleep at the wheel and taken advantage of. It is time to give someone new a chance. Get involved now. You will not get a second chance this time to care. Care now. Speak out. Force change. This is our country and it is our future. We are the people we have been waiting for.

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