All Around and Away We Go

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‘All Around and Away We Go’ is a new single by Twin Sister. The hip little video affair above was directed by Mike Luciano and is a total throwback that had me ready to get into my ‘Buffalo Stance’. The song is very nice whether your a fan of the video style or not.

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Ben Newman

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British illustrator Ben Newman has some super fun and somewhat retro-inspired work in his portfolio. He also has an online shop of prints available including the excellent print above available at fairly reasonable (in British pounds) prices.

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Mary Robinson

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Photographer Mary Robinson has captured the current throwback hip aesthetic beautifully in her imagery. Her overlay shots are exceptionally well composed. Robinson is from Atlanta, Georgia and apparently she is only 17 years old. That’s amazing considering the maturity of her eye. She definitely has a future and it would be wise to keep watch for where she goes and what she does next.

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Kristian Hammerstad

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Illustrator Kristian Hammerstad has an old school pulp comic style combined with a skater punk zombie aesthetic tipped off with a good dose of humor. It’s an extremely likeable combination of elements that comes together so seamlessly that you almost forget the skill and craft required to generate such fun imagery.

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Jonas Bergstrand: Updates

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London bases Stockholm born retro-inspired illustrator Jonas Bergstrand has put a few new bits in his book lately and as always they are a lot of fun to look at. His work I mean, not his bits.

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I could try to explain Alex Varanese’s recent project myself but being that he is such an uncompromisingly honest person, it’s probably better to just let him tell you himself:

“This project is undoubtedly my most conceptually ambitious work to date. It comprises 14 full-sized, 18×24″ prints that explore the awesomely absurd idea of time travelers who return to the late 1970’s to release the technology of 2010 and dominate the world of consumer electronics. I re-imagined four modern products as if they existed over 30 years ago and tried to bring them to life through fake print ads, abstract glamour shots, and even a characteristically pretentious type treatment or two.”

Totally awesome.

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Goldfrapp – Alive

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Olivia Newton John meets satanic cult (with a pinch of KISS for good measure) in this 70’s throwback directed by Geremy Jasper and Georgie Greville of Legs for Goldfrapp’s latest single ‘Alive’. I love those metallic tights. You can read the rest of the credits for the video here and get some questions answered on the making of.

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Dave Collinson

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22-year-old Brisbane based illustrator and motionographer Dave Collinson has some charming, retro-twinged and fashion-inspired work in his portfolio. He is a very young illustrator with a mature style already firmly in place.

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Brent Couchman

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Brent Couchman has nothing to say of himself except for an impressive click-through of colorful sometimes retro-inspired design and illustration work that is highly considered and consistently good. Enough said.

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There is something pinup retro about Rui Ricardo’s slick and sexy illustrations but they could only exist in a post modern digital pop art world.

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Grant Coghill

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Grant Coghill is originally from the cold northern Scottish town of Tongue. He now lives in nice, toasty and warm Innsbruck, Austria (sarcasm, although I hear it’s very nice in Austria). There is something very retro about his illustration work but the bold swaths of vivid color are very digital now. While browsing be sure to check out some of his absolutely stellar apparel designs for Creme. Good stuff.

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Jonas Bergstrand: Updates

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Illustrator Jonas Bergstrand has been busy since I last dropped in and he has updated recently with some beautiful illustration work that shows an enormous attention to detail.

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Atmostheory: Updates

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Christopher David Ryan has been really busy lately and has kept updating his Flickr-folio with new examples of his retro-inspired highly considered design and typography layouts. I have always been a fan of his work and his updates do not disappoint.

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Re:collection is an inventory of Australian graphic design produced between 1960 and 1980 subjectively curated according to the tastes of Dominic Hofstede.

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Junkyard Dogs

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There is a nice cache of inspirational randomness including old adverts, movie posters, book covers and general strangeness in the Flickr pages of Junkyard Dogs. All of which is inspirational for the visually and creatively inclined.

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Simon Page

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Graphic designer Simon Page produced a series of retro-style posters to commemorate the International Year of Astronomy. The posters were originally created as self promotional work but IYA09 was so impressed by them they decided to use them to help promote the event.

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Erik Nitsche

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You can find an inspiring archive of advertising and design work created by Erik Nitsche here. The archive has been lovingly added to and maintained by BustBright over the past four years or so. Inspiring work.

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Sweden Heaven and Hell

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Well that settles it. I’m going to Sweden.

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