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Wow. Seriously awesome posters, and a lot of them going on at Tstout. Fantastic work. Sadly all of the 100 percent radical movie posters like the one depicted above are sold out. Here’s to crossing your fingers for a reprint.

Thanks for the link Allen.

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Rock Explosion

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How would you like to own one of or even some of the most classic rock posters of all time? Well, as you can imagine, they ain’t cheap, but then again who said they would be. I was pretty amazed that you could actually buy most of these. They are a little piece of history if you are a rock n’ roller like I am. They may actually be worth the price if you a big enough fan. Some of them really aren’t too bad. I never have any damn though so I doubt I will be owning one any time soon.

Regardless, of any or all of the above. It’s worth a peak at Rock Explosion just to see some of these classic rock posters.

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Hero And Sound

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According to Hero’s website:
Hero Design Studio is a full service studio specializing in all forms of visual media (isn’t specializing defined as being really good at a single thing?). They were founded with the intent to provide a fresh young approach to the static world of advertising, and by an equal affinity for both music and design. They have an arsenal of top-notch posters they have created for clients both large and small. Several of the posters are on sale at their website as well. Great work.

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