Magomed Dovjenko: Updates

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Magomed Dovjenko is a designer and illustrator I’ve been following for several years now. He is one of those select few who learned to make a name for himself when he was still in his teens and is experiencing quite a bit of success as a commercial designer while still only being in his early twenties. He has since updated his site quite a bit since I last dropped in on his portfolio. His bright, colorful, poppy and pulp-infused work is always worth the inspirational browse.

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Evgeny Parfenov

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Russian illustrator Evgeny Parfenov is turning out some excellent, colorful and classic portraits for publications like Newsweek, Rolling Stone and Interview. His work is a lot of fun and is just the right mix of pop and art to lend itself towards a broad appeal which is no doubt why he is attracting the publications he’s illustrating for.

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Object Space

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This is a surreal and super psychedelic experimental 3d animation piece completed entirely by Russian motion designer and animator Dxmiq. It’s trippy to say the least and made me wonder what a director like Kubrick would’ve been able to do with abstract visuals like this if he were still around today.

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The Gift

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Paraphrasing here:
“Directed by Carl E. Rinsch, ‘The Gift’ Belongs to the “Parallel Lines” Phillips Cinema campaign originally released in Russia. The Gift is a Sci-Fi short with a savage Chase sequence. More than 20 full CGI shots were created for the short. Vechicles and characters were also designed specifically for the short.”

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Yana Moskaluk

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Russian illustrator and artist Yana Moskaluk has kept at it since I last dropped in on her work and there have been a few notable updates as of late to her portfolio.

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Artem Gridin

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ussian graphic designer Artëm Gridin has portfolio of work that is raw, classic and contemporary all in equal measure. It’s a bit of a throwback but in all the right ways as the end result is timeless graphic design.

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Ruslan Khasanov: Liquid Type

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This liquid type by Russian designer and typographer Ruslan Khasanov is pretty darn cool. You can check out more of his work in his Behance portfolio.

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Respublika. Motion graphics

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I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t entirely know what is being promoted through this piece by Respublika but I do know that I very much enjoyed the animation and the attention to detail with the typographical layouts. The simple descriptor for the piece reads ‘Books. Music. Perspective.’

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Sicksystems: Faces & Laces

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Moscow-based artist Aske who calls himself Sicksystems recently decided to take his geometric, retro-sci-fi-twinged illustration style into the 3rd dimension for the Faces & Laces exhibit by building imagery out of cut pieces of wood that he then painted. The end result shares a surprisingly tight link with his traditional flat style.

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Sonia & Mark Whitesnow

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Sonia & Mark Whitesnow are a Russian photography duo based out of the small town of Kirov. They have some very unusual and surreal portraiture in their Behance portfolio that makes great use of both lighting and makeup.

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Magomed Dovjenko: Updates

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Young Russian designer Magomed Dovjenko updates yet once again but this time with some new personal work featuring a new and somewhat darker slant on his talent. It’s nice to see him venturing into some new uncharted territory.

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Masha Rumyantseva

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Russian illustrator collage artist Masha Rumyantseva has an interesting perspective primarily fueled by a bygone slightly naive era that seems slightly sad when put into the modern cynical techno-industrial societal complex.

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Magomed Dovjenko: Again

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The young wunderkind Magomed Dovjenko has posted some new and as always extremely inspiring work to his portfolio. He just keeps getting better and I am a big big fan of his work.

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Zuttoworld: Updates

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Russian illustrator designer Zutto has updated with what looks like a new website and some new fun vector styled illustration work.

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Zutto is an illustrator based in Russia who is cranking out some super fun vector illustrations. You can see some of them at her Flickr site but she also has a personal website that you can also view here. Really fun work.

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Andrey Nepomnyaschev

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Russian broadcast and motion graphics designer Andrey Nepomnyaschev has recently relaunched his site and updated with new and slick project work.

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Ei Ka

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Russian illustrator Eika Dopludo has been busy since I last posted her work and has updated with some new and even trippier examples of hand drawn lettering. It’s psychedelic type as image and it’s a lot of fun to look at.

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Tatiana Plakhova

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Russian designer Tatiana Plakhova creates strange mathematical almost aquatic looking arrangements that she often titles ‘complexity’. I’d be curious how or what she uses to create the images but they are definitely unique and she has managed to carve a nice little niche for herself. I’m curious how they’d look in print.

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