Sam Weber is Amazing

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He’s updated his portfolio yet again with dark and glorious imagery. The guy is such an inspiration. His work continues to be spectacular and no that is not an exaggeration.

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Sam Weber: Updates

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I am just going to come out with it and say that Sam Weber is probably my favorite if not one of my most favorite illustrators out there today. His work not only inspires me but just connects with me on some deeper level. I just think the things he creates are totally beautiful.

He just moved into a new work space in Brooklyn and is looking for a couple of people to share the space with him. He also has some new, and as always remarkable work in his portfolio. He continues to be a huge inspiration.

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Lord of the Flies – Sam Weber

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Planet has posted a brief interview with Sam Weber about his process for illustrating the classic William Golding novel Lord of the Flies that is soon to be released by The Folio Society

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Sam Weber: Updates

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Master illustrator (and one of my all time favs) Sam Weber has updated with a new website and some striking new work.

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Sam Weber – Interview

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Don’t panic has a nice interview posted with one of my most favorite illustrators, Sam Weber. If you are unaccustomed to his work, get familiar because everything he touches turns to gold. I have been tracking his progress as an illustrator ever since he first surfaced online and he just keeps getting better. He begins his process using paint and ink but often finishes his imagery digitally. Some call him an illustrator but I am more comfortable calling him an artist. I wish I could say more because there just isn’t enough words to express his talent, you just have to see his work for yourself.

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Sam Weber Does It Again

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The brilliant and amazing Sam Weber recently updated his site with a lot of new work. It is all spectacular as always and he continues to be my favorite illustrator of the moment. Gorgeous work. All of it.

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Sam Weber – Updates

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There are just a small handfull of new works at the very bottom right of Sam Weber’s thumbnail gallery of images. I am a huge fan of his work and trust me, it is worth posting a new entry even over just these few works. They are all gorgeous. He is just such a talented illustrator. Everything he creates is beautiful. He is the kind of illustrator who’s every work can stand alone well enough that any art collector would be proud to hang it on his wall.

If you have not yet heard of him, do take the time to look through his work. It is pure inspiration.

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