Little Friends of Printmaking

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I’ve posted their work before but one of my favorite print shops recently updated their storefront with some excellent new prints. I am really thinking about plunking down a little money on these for my son’s room. They are super cool, cute but not dumb if you know what I mean. Just a perfect blend of imagination, pop and attitude.

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Best Made Co. – Maps

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The Best Made Company is at it again making beautiful things that designers and artist alike will certainly desire. This time they have screened their trademark ‘X’ over a series of maps. The result is a guaranteed unique piece of art. I was thinking it would be nice if you could also mail them a map that they would print over and then send back to you. Just an idea but I love this series. Beautifully simple idea resulting in beautiful art.

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Flora Fauna World

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Minneapolis design firm/screenprinting shop hybrid Flora Fauna World has a small cache of red hot gig posters in their portfolio. And yes, they are available for sale.

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Little Friends of Printmaking have some excellent new screenprints in ye olde shoppe.

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Us and Them

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There are several simple and fun screenprints in the portfolio of Us and Them Studio.

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Lucid Optic Lab

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Lucid Optic Lab is a creative collaboration between Chelsea Rose and Danny Rodriguez. There is some wild art, illustration, screenprinting and photography spread throughout their expansive and experimental portfolio.

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Jonathan Bartlett: Updates

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Illustrator Jonathan Bartlett (See JB Draw) got in touch to let me know he has been learning and working toward screenprinting some of his work. The results are really nice and you can see them at the upper left of his website. One of the prints is shown above.

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Young Monster

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Young Monster is an art collective based out of Chattanooga, TN, specializing in design and screen-printing.” They have some red hot gig posters in their portfolio. Pure bad ass.

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Kate Banzai

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Kate Banzai is an illustrator/screenprinter/collage artist who has a large volume of really colorful and highly composed work in her Flickr-folio. She also has a website but the real magic is happening in her Flickr pages.

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Camille Tsering

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Camille Tsering has some really nice hands on illustration/art work utilizing numerous materials and techniques. The end result of which is some really interesting work that has a similarity in feeling but a different approach according to the materials.

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Matt Dye

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I stumbled across screenprinting pop-culture artist Matt Dye today and had to immediately and impulsively buy one of his prints (the one with Obama and the 357 Magnum). Awesome. It’s rare that I buy art, as much as I try to do to support it, simply because I have very little money but I just had to have that poster. Some of his test prints are really really cool as well. I love the Warhol prints and the Bowie prints. The color work and layering are beautiful. Some might argue that this work isn’t all together original but I think it is meant to be a tongue and cheek jab at pop art. It is a really attractive jab though, enough that it validates itself as its own little fascimile of pop art sarcasm.

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Flight of the Concords Posters

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There has been a gang of amazing poster artists toiling away this year for the Flight of the Concords 2009 spring tour. The results of their collective efforts can be seen here and if I may, they are amazing. Some of them are just absolutely beautiful works of art. I wanted the Aaron Horkey poster desperately, but unfortunately they are already sold out.

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Garret Karol

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Have a look-see at some really great screenprinted posters for equally great bands and musicians from the very talented Garret Karol.

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Nick Deakin: Updates

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Nick Deakin has some really great updates in his illustration portfolio.

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Gig Posters Book

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Do you love gig posters? I do. You bet your ass I do. Finally, the website that has inspired a lot of the global online creative community at large has released a book featuring some of the best work collected over the years from the site. It features some absolutely amazing work from some of the best out there. And I am not exaggerating.

Check the list:
3d Glasses, Adam Turman, Aesthetic Apparatus, Alan Forbes, Allen Jaeger, Amy Jo, Andrio Abero, Andy Vastagh, Beyond The Pale, Billy Perkins, Bobby Dixon, Bongout, Brad Klausen, Brian Ewing, Budai, Burlesque of North America, Casey Burns, Cricket Press, Crosshair, Dale Flattum, Dan Grzeca, Dan McCarthy, Dan Stiles, Daniel Danger, Delicious, Denny Schmickle, Diana Sudyka, Dirk Fowler, Drew Millward, Drowning Creek Studio, DWITT, Eleanor Grosch, Emek, Engine House 13, FarmBarn Art Co., Firehouse, Furturtle Printworks, Gary Houston, Gregg Gordon, Guy Burwell, Hero Design Studio, Invisible Creature, Ironforgepress, James Rheem Davis, Jamie Ward, Jared Connor, Jason Goad, Jay Ryan, Jay Vollmar, Jeph, Jermaine Rogers, Joanna Wecht, Johnny Crap, Jon Smith, Josh Rickun, Judge, Justin Hampton, Justin Kamerer, Largemammal Print, Leia Bell, Lil Tuffy, Little Jacket, Lonny Hurley, Lonny Unitus, Luke Drozd, Lure Design, Malleus, Mark Pedini, Mat Daly, Methane Studios, Micah Smith, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Mig Kokinda, Mike King, Nate Duval, Patent Pending, Powerhouse Factories, Powerslide Design Co., Print Mafia, Rob Jones, Ron Liberti, Ryan Nole, Sasha Barr, Scrojo, Seripop, Squad 19, Stainboy, Steve Walters, Strawberryluna, Tanxxx, Tara McPherson, The Decoder Ring Design Concern, The Heads Of State, The Little Friends Of Printmaking, The Small Stakes, Thomas Scott, Tim Gough, Todd Slater, Vahalla Studios, Zach Hobbs, Zeloot

The first 1200 orders will get a free art print. So go get it quick. Inspiration is guaranteed.

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The Silent Giants

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A friend of mind forwarded a note about The Silent Giants on to me today and I was really amped by their work. They are a small screenprinting and design shop just starting out but their work is just awesome. The best part is that all of their posters and album work are for bands that I absolutely love. Really really great stuff. Do yourself a favor and buy one of their posters to hang on your wall.

Keep your eye on these people.

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Table 2 Press

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I need to get a little more local Colorado love out there on the blog lately but I have had trouble lately keeping up on my emails, my fulltime gig as an Art Director and the 8 million things I have going outside of work. With that said, Table 2 Press has been emailing me for a while now to write something up about them. They are a Boulder, Colorado-based screen printing house with some real skill. The Roots poster above is tantamount to that fact.

Here is a direct copy of their ‘about’ write-up from their website:
“Table2Press was formed in 2004 by four friends / designers who wanted to screenprint and design posters. We love providing a visual extension to the live music experience and are available to work on a variety of projects. If you ask nicely, chances are we can help you out, however, none of us wear black all the time or are familiar with 18th century epiphanal novels. We try as hard as we can to not include the following in our posters: birds, trees*, robots, skulls*, token naked ladies, or elephants.”

You get a sense of their personality right away from their sense of humor and their earnest attempt to avoid the cliché screenprinted rock poster subject matter. If you have a music gig in Boulder, Denver or anywhere else for that matter, you could do a lot worse for a screen printer.

Hit up their website and have a look at some of the rest of their work.

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Print Liberation

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Here is the description pulled from Print Liberation’s website, “Founded in 1999, Print Liberation is a full-service Philadelphia-based creative visual agency and the collective endeavor of three artists who share a passion for print, design, and culture. Working at the intersection of art, design and commerce, Print Liberation offers a unique vision, non-traditional concepts and years of creative experience to meet your visual needs. With the nimbleness and personal attention of a small company and the skills and capacity to take your print and design project full scope, Print Liberation can help you convey your brand and mission, directly and timelessly, to your target audience.

Print Liberation claims that they have done a little bit of everything. They have designed for clients large and small. Managed photo shoots for magazines, started their own clothing company, founded an art gallery and authored a book on screenprinting, and finally and most importantly quit their day jobs at large advertising agencies.

Thankfully they use their art to express their views as well. There is something to be said for that. If you are looking for a way to show your support for Obama. Look no further because they’ve got you covered (quite literally, with Obama’s smiling face).

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