Curtis Doss

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Curtis Doss has doen his time at some of the big hitters within the motion/broadcast production industry at places like Shilo and Bigstar. He’s now seeking freelance work and has a spectacular portfolio of work that is proof of his talent.

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Ed Laag

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Motion designer Ed Laag is currently freelancing for Shilo where he is belting out some pretty kick-ass visuals with a truly cinematic slant. He’s super good at what he does and it shows right from the moment the thumbnails load on the homepage. Impressive work.

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Noah Conopask

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Noah Conopask is currently a director in Shilo’s NY office and has worked for Digital Kitchen in the past. He has earned an Emmy nomination for past directorial work. Aside from being an accomplished commercial director he is also a photographer with an amazing eye for composition. In short, he is a multifaceted talent with an amazing portfolio of work.

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Mr Fung

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Christopher Fung is a key player at Shilo where he has been working on some really incredible motion and design work for several years, all of it is beautiful.

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BrotherSister – Still Run

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Shilo developed this video, which recently aired at the F5 Festival for BrotherSister’s single ‘Still Run’ off of their new album ‘The Wunder Tales’.

The making of the video was quite an ordeal. Here is Shilo’s Creative Director Andre Stringer on the process of producing the video:

“After listening to the record, I just fell in love with the poetry of the song and lyrics,” Stringer began. “For the video, I wanted to explore the idea of perseverance through change and adversity, and we found a way to take that idea to an epic scale by using one seamless shot where a person runs though time and space. We began by shooting a five-second test of the guy running in front of a green screen, and over the course of about a year, we turned that into a full music video. Almost everyone in the studio has touched it at some point, including Dante when he was here contributing sound design and music to some of our other projects.”

Full Credits:
Production Company: Shilo
Director: Shilo
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Lead Artist: Andre Stringer, Christopher Fung
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Editor: Galen Summer
3D Artists: Christopher Fung, Dave Hill, Joji Tsuruga, Warren Heimall
Visual FX Artists: Warren Heimall, Tamir Sapir
3D Modeling: Christina Ku, Scott Denton
2D Animator: Stieg Retlin
Compositors: Andre Stringer, Dave Hill, Rick Malwitz, Joel Voelker, Christopher Fung, Warren Heimall, Joji Tsuruga, Kirsten Hall
Assistant Compositor: Helen Kim
Photographers: Joel Voelker, Christopher Fung
Matte Painters: Andre Stringer, Christopher Fung
Miniatures: Willi Patton

Original Music: “Still Run” from BrotherSister’s 2008 release “The Wunder Tales”

Sound Design: Echolab
Sound Designer: Gavin Little

And more about BrotherSister here.

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Jon Saunders: Updates

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Jon Suanders updates his portfolio with a couple of new projects that are mind-bendingly beautiful. Really spectacular imagery sincerely, the kind of thing that makes you wonder how the the hell it was produced.

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Jon Saunders

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Wow. Mind-bendingly awesome work, primarily for motion, by the incredibly talented Jon Saunders.

Run down the list, he has created for them all, from PSYOP and Stardust to Shilo.

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Shilo: We Make it Good

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Shilo launched a new site this morning that appears to be their blog. It offers up an RSS feed of their latest work. The site is titled, ‘We Make It Good‘, which isn’t off the mark if you are familiar with Shilo’s work. Shilo is led by directors Jose Gomez and Andre Stringer.

They have been riding the bleeding edge of motion design for several years now and Jose is a very down to Earth all around nice guy. You can’t go wrong working with them from what I have heard from industry insiders. They are an Emmy award winning studio with offices now in New York, New York, and Del Mar, California.

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