Everything (Ep. 7)

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There are 6 more of these, all of which you can find by browsing here. As fantastic as this one is, trust me it is worth watching the other 6 for their inspirational value alone. Thank you to Danny Jelinek.

Credits for this episode:
short works by:
Justin Roiland
Robyn Von Swank
Mike McCafferty
Danny Jelinek
Jason Whetzell

Hosted by:
Sophie Kipner

Created by:
Jason Whetzell
Danny Jelinek

Associate Producer:
Sevan Najarian

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Movie Award Leftovers

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Fatal Farm was asked to create some shorts for the Mtv Movie Awards but several of them were rejected. They decided to air the results on YouTube anyway much to everyone’s chagrin. Personally, I think they are weird, original and hilarious.

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The Disposable Film Festival

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The Disposable Film Fest has uploaded the entire library of their 2009 Shorts Program to Vimeo. 26 videos total that you can personally vote for in the running for the Audience Choice Award by LIKEing your favorite. Each voter will be entered to win a PLEO and the winning filmmaker will receive a Nokia N95. It’s a really cool little idea and exciting to see the net being used for something like this. What a brilliant way to put the filmakers in front of a global audience.

Uncovered via Yewknee which has become a daily check for me lately as a really great personal overview of interesting and happening culture written from a really likeable perspective.

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