The Epic & The Beasts

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 directed this opus to a favorite childhood and now adulthood past time. He exclaims that he never wanted to be a fireman, pilot or superhero. All he wanted was to be a skateboarder and that’s what he is.

I can stand on a skateboard for a couple of minutes before I lose my balance and fall off. But I love watching other people do it.


Filmed in germany´s most beautiful city: Dresden

Directed & Edited by Sebastian Linda

FB Site

Music by
Giselle – Silk Ianborg Remix
Download here: facebook.com/IanborgOfficial/app_220150904689418

Portugal the man – So American Woodkid Remix

Pls support if you like and buy their original music on Itunes.

Special Thanks to Ralph Ruthe. He provided the camera for 3 days and this video came out of all the testing:

Still photos by Erik Groß:



Filmed with Red Epic
Tokina 11 – 16 2,8
Pelang Fisheye 8mm
Canon 28, 50, 85, 100

Gorilla Tripod

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Acid Drops

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“The second in a series of hand painted studies that aim to psychedelically capture the individual styles of influential skateboarders”

Matt Box is responsible for this great little project and he’s looking for some new people to collaborate/create with/for: matthew-box@live.co.uk

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Luis Vicente Hernandez

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Luis Vicente Hernandez has some slick work that makes a bold use of color in a portfolio primarily comprised of work for skateboarding, fashion and music clients. That’s not a bad lineup.

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“Cezar Berger aka Berje was born in the 90’s, is an illustrator and graphic design student at the Centro Universitário Belas Artes. Inspired by skate culture, DIY, thrash metal, hip hop and the latent violence of life. In his art synthesizes elements in a constant rage state, creating nostalgic compositions and giving new meaning to the signs. Berje creates a repertoire that includes alchemy, black magic, tarot, the new dark age, mayhem and a lot of puke.”

Fun, tongue in cheek and very colorful work from Berje.

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Frozen Wave

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“A day in the country; sun, music & skate. An event organized by Ra and Buddywood to skate one of the few available ditches near Madrid.”

Full credits here.

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Nick Thompson

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I am digging this series of skate decks for Future Past Skateboards by Australian designer and illustrator Nick Thompson. It’s a great mishmash of 50’s advertising and pop art stewed together. What better place than a skate deck for something like that?

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Tron Premiere – A Light Session

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Riders at the Tron Legacy Premiere were deployed in a skate ramp equipped with an ipods and programmed with a custom-built app to measure their air time and trigger graphics whilst in the air and on landing. Radical man.

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Commonwealth Stacks

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Commonwealth Stacks has released some new skateboards that any self-confessed design and typography nerd will find wall-hang worthy. I am curious who designed these beauties. They are deceptively simple making expert use of type and color. I’d hang them over the couch in my studio since all I can ride is a snowboard.

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Yaia Gift: Updates

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Argentinian Rosario Alvarez is serving up some new skaterific zombilicious illustrations in his Flickr-folio that are fun as hell to look at.

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Spike Jonze executive produced this wonderful video for Lakai that was directed by Ty Evans. Needless to say some talented people were involved in the process. It’s always interesting to see people with such huge pull in the entertainment world producing work for Skate brands. I want to get in on something like this.

Lakai Skate and Create 2010
Dir: Ty Evans
Ex Produced: Spike Jonze
DP: Marc Ritzema
Artist: Ima Robot “Ruthless”
Format: RED MX, 5D and 7D

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Burn Ignite Ride

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“Steve Berra (The Berrics) joins Mexican skaters Jesus Gonzalez, Eder Martinez, Mario Saenz, Angel Santiago and American Luis Tolentino for this Burn Ignite film, shot on location in Mexico City.

This film was created alongside two short-form documentaries, one featuring Jess Kimura and the all girl hardcore snowboarding film collective Peep Show, the other is a portrait that celebrates the electric lyrics and gritty beat artistry of rapper/poet Julius Wright, aka Lyrical God.”

And skate culture continues to inspire the production of good art.

Directed by Garth Davis
DOP: Greig Fraser
Camera: Canon 5D(!)
Music written produced & performed by Django Django

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Ben Brown

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Australian illustrator Ben Brown shreds the gnar with his pen producing old school 80’s skate punk style illustrations that often incorporate kick ass skulls and zombies. How can you not love him for keeping it genuinely old school?

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Photographer Nikki Toole is originally Scottish but now based in Australia. Toole’s latest project is called Skater and captures skaters right off the street presenting them in an objective and stark light. It’s portraits of skaters just simply being who they are and what makes them so unique. One of the images is currently hanging in the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. Toole is currently looking for skaters in London, Prague, Berlin, Venice and Rome this year.

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Argentinian illustrator Juluio Cesar is from Alvarez (a small town near the city of Rosario) and likes zombies and skateboards and kicks some serious ass in illustrating both under the name Yaiagift.

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Michael Leon Studio

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Skateboard artist/designer, Michael Leon has launched a new website featuring several examples of his well known and well received work.

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Buddy Carr Skateboards

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Buddy Carr Skateboards has teamed up with Aisle One blogger Antonio Carusone to release a limited edition skateboard featuring some crispy clean typography. Looks pretty sweet. If only I had even a molecule of athletic ability floating somewhere within my person. I guess you could always just hang it on the wall.

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