Studio KXX: Updates

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Polish illustration and design house Studio KXX has updated with a few long scrolls to their Behance portfolio that features some nice design work that is a little break from their typical illustration work, although you couldn’t really call their amazing illustrations ‘typical’.

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StudioKxx: Updates

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StudioKxx has updated yet again with not only new and stunning illustration work but a new website to boot. They keep getting better and I am picking up on what they are laying down.

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Studio KXX: Updates

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Studio KXX updates with some really visually stunning work.

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Studio KXX: Behance

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Although I have seen their website, there are some great closeup view of Studio KXX’s work at their Behance page. Wow, their work really is stunning. Absolutely beautiful illustration and typography.

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Studio KXX

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Fresh updates at Studio KXX.

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Studio KXX

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Studio KXX is a small 2 person studio based in Poznan, Poland. The studio was established in early 2006 and has grown in work to serve numerous clients across several mediums. They have a strong artistic background as you will see in their illustration portfolio where there lies some really stunning imagery. Their core competencies are in design, illustration, identity, web design and managing small ad campaigns.

It’s nice to see their contemporary art and sketches displayed along side their work. It speaks volumes about their abilities as creatives. Their sketches are simply amazing.

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