Suprb: Updates

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Andreas Pihlström has updated his sublime portfolio at Suprb with a new look and of course some excellent work but for some reason I was drawn to his ‘dynamic music video’ generated for his friend Alexi Delano’s track RUN-00. But to be honest, you can’t really go wrong with anything in Pihlström’s body of work.

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Suprb: Updates

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Andreas Pihlström has updated his internet home-base with some new work. It’s pretty amazing what he has been responsible for and been part of in recent months.

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Christopher Hewitt

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Designer/Motionographer/Photographer Christopher Hewitt has launched a new website featuring a broad range of solid creative work. The site itself was designed by Suprb and is so damned good looking I had to just post a picture of the site itself.

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The really fine people at Suprb decided to spread a little Holiday cheer in the form of a really slick WordPress theme called Grid-a-licious. I would love to do something similar for the next version of Changethethought. I am still looking at different possibilities for how to redesign the new site in 09 and the idea behind this theme is really cool. If anything it would be a great theme for displaying your personal portfolio site.

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Suprb: Relaunch

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Suprb has officially relaunched with a new site and apparently a new team.

More about Suprb:
“Originally established in 2005 by Andreas Pihlstrom, Suprb became a two man army when Emil Olsson joined forces in late 2008.

Suprb is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden that works remotely with a select group of like minded creatives from the world over, such as Dimitre Lima, Universal Everything, Christopher Hewitt, Michael Paul Young, Jonathan Puckey, Michael Fakesch, Stefan Gandl, Jake Wherry and Ben Lukas Boysen.”

Wow, that is some pretty serious heavy-hitting name-dropping. I am a massive fan of Universal Everything and all that they do.

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