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Print Liberation has put up a new t-shirt to remind us all of the good ole days of wiretapping and Guantanamo.

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Some strange and interesting t-shirts with religious criminal Star Wars undertones or overtones at 2once.

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Threadless Sale

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Big sale at Threadless with t-shirts as low as 5 bucks. There are some really cool t-shirts for sale as well. Good Christmas present material.

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Tank Theory: New Goods

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New goods in the Tank Theory store. They are looking pretty sweet too.

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YWFT: Tees

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There are some really nice new t-shirts in the shop at You Work For Them. The shirt above is inspired by the cover of Brockmanns famous book Grid Systems In Graphic Design. It may in fact be the ultimate ‘design nerd’ t-shirt and I have to admit to wanting one pretty badly although I have kind of passed out of my t-shirt phase.

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Ugmonk Tees

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Ugmonk has a nice line of t-shirts featuring large simple type. It’s a line of clothing engineered to appease the appetite of a proper design and type nerd. I mean, what designer wouldn’t want a classic grey tee featuring a giant ampersand.

Guilty as charged. I will be ordering one.

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Grandburo Online Store

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There are some great, albeit slightly nerdy with a heavy dose of irony, but still great t-shirts in the Grandburo Online Store.

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Aled Lewis

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Aled Lewis is the guy behind some of my all time favorite Threadless t-shirts. Everyone he produces seems to get printed and the reason is because how well they visually communicate a concept. They are all brilliant. I was excited to finally discover his work.

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Hecklewood Spring Collection

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Well, while we are on the subject of t-shirts today I think Hecklewood deserves a mention for their spring collection this year. There are some new classics in their line for sure. The tee posted above is testament to that fact.

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Ser-vice Update

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One of my favorite simple and contemporary t-shirt makers, Ser-vice has updated with some new designs. Always tasty, clean and timeless.

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Design By Humans

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I have written about the awesome t-shirts for sale at Design By Humans before but I couldn’t resist writing about this new tee. I just love this design. I know it is on the hipster drawing tip but I love what the copy says, ‘After the rain comes a rainbow‘.

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Sixpack France

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Sixpack France recently released some new shirts. They have had an ongoing series of premium artist designed shirts for a while now similar to 2k. There are some really fantastic shirts in their collection now from the likes of Cody Hudson, Parra, Steven Harrington and Grotesk. The only major setback is that the shirts will cost your 37 Euros and that is a little rich for a working-class american’s blood these days, if you were to ask my opinion. Sorry Cody Hudson, I love you but I most likely won’t be rocking your steez this summer.

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There are some pretty hot vector illustrations and t-shirt designs on display at the website of France-based MEGA.

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Le Sucre

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Tasty t-shirts from Le Sucre.

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Built By Wendy

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I have realized lately I have pretty much all together stopped posting cool places to find well designed clothing. So, I am going to make an effort to do something clothing and fashion related posts more frequently. With that said, there are some pretty cool wares at NYC-based Built By Wendy. The exploding Mickey Mouse shirt is a must have.

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Nerdiest Design Shirt Ever

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This has got to be one of the nerdiest design shirts ever made and yet it is totally awesome and I want one really bad. What a great idea. The shirt, designed by Turn Nocturnal, features all your favorite Sans-Serif typefaces including Helvetica, Meta, Avenir, Frutiger, Officina, Optima, Gotham, Akzidenz Grotesk, Univers, Trade Gothic, Din, Agenda, Interstate, News Gothic, Myriad, Eurostile, Futura, and Gill Sans. Notably, the shirt does not feature Arial (thank you for that).

discovered via Aisle One.

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The Affair T-Shirts

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The affair offers up t-shirts referencing issues and ideas that are a little more high-brow then your average pop-culture savvy trend-whoring consumer might be interested in. Especially in a trend-whoring pop-culture savvy industry like ours (design and advertising). So, if you like the idea of sporting something that ‘looks’ trendy but references an issue, idea or book that you might feel strongly about then the line of t-shirts at The Affair were made just be for you. If you want to know even more about them, you can also read up on their blog. Is it just me or does anyone not have a blog these days?

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+41 = Haute Couture

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+41 Hubble Serie

There is some seriously sweet duds for grabs by the underground fashion brand +41 at their website. The problem is, they are asking for Euros not dollars and that doesn’t exactly make them cheap for those of us who have the misfortune of working in the Bush economy. If you feel like springing for and expensive t-shirt on the other hand, you could do a lot worse. Their new 42 Hubble Serie of tees are a particular standout, especially if you are a sucker for Hubble space telescope imagery like myself. If only I had thought to screen those images onto a t-shirt.

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