Good Books: Havana Heat

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Well if you can recall Buck’s contribution to the Good Books campaign earlier this year then you also still probably remember having at least part of your face melted. If you can believe it Good Books has done it again this time by combining the talents of Mcbess and Simon from The Mill in London to produce this equally amazing piece of animation and copywriting. (Mcbess also works for The Mill). I was very impressed by the writing in both of these spots but the animation does steal the show.

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The Mill US Showreel 2012

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I am not sure if I posted this when it first hit the interwebs but even if I did, it is worth a second watch. The Mill continues to stun with jaw-dropping work. It’s nice that they actually kept track of every spot on the reel also.

Music Track: Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te – The Eye (Original Mix) Graham Geren, Louis Kha, Chess Hubbard, Mikul Wing

Full Spot List
Sony PS3 – Michael : themill.com/work/sony-ps3-michael.aspx
Sprite – Global Camouflage : themill.com/work/sprite-global-camouflage.aspx
Nissan – Gas Powered Everything : themill.com/work/nissan/gas-powered-everything.aspx
Hennessy – Manny : themill.com/work/hennessy/manny-hd-60.aspx
Dow — The Quiet Train : themill.com/work/dow-quiet-train.aspx
Mattel Hot Wheels – Immersion: themill.com/work/mattel-hot-wheels/immersion.aspx
Cadillac — Trike: themill.com/work/cadillac-trike.aspx
Wrigleys 5 – Icefly: themill.com/work/wrigleys-5-icefly.aspx
P&G — Best Job: themill.com/work/pampg/best-job.aspx
Coca Cola — Modern Dinner: themill.com/work/coke-modern-dinner.aspx
Super Bowl 2012: Audi – Vampire Party: themill.com/work/audi/vampire-partykelvin-r1.aspx
Shaw — Chase: themill.com/work/shaw-shaw-exo.aspx
Adidas Derrick Rose – The Bull : themill.com/work/adidas-derrick-rose—the-bull.aspx
Toyota – Two Worlds: themill.com/work/toyota-camry-two-worlds.aspx
Old Spice – Motorcycle: themill.com/work/old-spice-motorcycle.aspx
Hallmark — Motherbird : themill.com/work/hallmark-mother-bird.aspx
Gillette — Homage: themill.com/work/gillette-homage.aspx
Exhale, a short film by Dan Willams: themill.com/work/exhale-a-short-film-by-dan-williams.aspx
Holi – Festival of Colors: themill.com/work/holi-festival-of-colors.aspx
Emerson — Wolf: themill.com/work/emerson-lukoil-us.aspx
Super Bowl 2012 Budweiser – Return of the King : themill.com/work/budweiser-return-of-the-king.aspx
Dow — Bread : themill.com/work/dow-bread.aspx
Bag Of Bones — Hold Your Breath: themill.com/work/bag-of-bones-hold-your-breath.aspx
Super Bowl 2012 Budweiser – Eternal Optimism : themill.com/work/budweiser-eternal-optimism.aspx
Axe – Susan Glenn : themill.com/work/axe-susan-glenn.aspx
Activision – Prototype 2 : themill.com/work/activision-prototype-2.aspx
Maroon 5 — Payphone : themill.com/work/maroon-5-payphone.aspx
EA Games – Mass Effect 3: themill.com/work/ea-games-mass-effect-3.aspx
Super Bowl 2012 NFL — Timeline : themill.com/work/nfl-timeline.aspx
Target Color – Changes Everything: themill.com/work/target-color-changes-evertying.aspx
State Farm – State of Chaos : themill.com/work/state-farm-state-of-chaos.aspx
Newcastle — Miners: themill.com/work/newcastle-miners.aspx
Jordan — Airborne : themill.com/work/nike-jordan-airborne.aspx
Heineken — The Date: themill.com/work/heineken/the-date.aspx
Emerson — Kangaroo: themill.com/work/emerson-australiaus.aspx
Johnnie Walker – Rock Giant: themill.com/work/johnnie-walker/rock-giant.aspx
Nissan BRAND / Unveiling : themill.com/work/nissan-brand–unveiling.aspx

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OFFF Paris 2010 Titles

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The Mill produced the titles this year for the OFFF Festival in Paris. Gorgeous work and I would give my right art to attend one of the shows in the future. I am hoping to soon.

Full credits:

The Mill NY:
Jeff Stevens – Design Director
Kim Dulaney – Designer
Rob Petrie – CG Lead
Boo Wong – Senior Producer
Moss Levenson – Editor
Fall on Your Sword – Music
Henryboy – Sound Design
Weston Fonger – Sound Mix

Tom Bardwell, Ian Brauner, Jeffrey Dates, Tony Jung, Christopher Kujawa, Michael Panov, Joshua Merck, Ruben Vanderbroek, James Williams and Stanislav Ilin

Emmett Dzieza, Marco Giampolo, Melissa Graff, Bashir Hamid, Lu Lin, Gigi Ng, Doug Purver, Jeff Robins, Gap Yossanun, Tim Haldeen and Brian Sensebe

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