Joshua Wills

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Joshua Wills is another Denver local who has quietly toiled away for years at bettering both his own work and the creative community in Denver. He and his wife Tran, run The Shoppe and Fabric Lab. The Shoppe is one of the funnest places to both chow down on some sincerely fantastic cupcakes and just hang out in a well planned and designed environment. The Fabric Lab was one of the first local shops to both carry my shirts and start supporting my efforts. Josh is one of those rare individuals who is just good all the way through. He’s a good person, he’s a good designer, he’s a good web designer, he’s a good husband and he is a good father. He and his wife are two of the most genuinely nice people I have met in Denver. They would raise the profile of any creative community they inhabited just by being there.

Josh has launched a new website with some of his latest projects that you can check out here. If you are in Denver, be sure to drop by The Shoppe to munch on a Red Velvet or Double Chocolate Kahlua cupcake (my personal recommends) and flip through some of the books in their thoughtfully curated art and design library. Then head next door to the Fabric Lab and pick up some local wears. Thanks for all the hard work you do, Josh and Tran, at nurturing Denver’s creative community.

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East Colfax Artwalk

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If you are looking for a way to celebrate Independence Day tonight you can head down to the Fabric Lab and the Shoppe to take in some local art and music with some good people at the East Colfax Artwalk. It is guaranteed to be a good time and my friends behind the Fabric Lab are some of the nicest people I know here in Denver and believe very much in our local art scene. The party kicks off at 6pm and will go until 10pm.

Happy 4th.

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Snowblinded: Print Show

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Anthony (A.K.A. Snowblinded) emailed to let me know he will be having a solo show next week at The Shoppe in Denver. The Shoppe is run by two of the kindest and most wonderful people I know in Denver, Josh and Tran Wills. It is guaranteed to be a great event and a unique one is well. It is nice to see someone who leans more towards the graphic persuasion getting their due in Denver. I would love to see more shows like this. If you will be in town please make the time to stop by. I unfortunately will be attending my wife’s graduation for her Masters. Otherwise I would be there. So please go and give Anthony my best and tell him Changethethought sent you.

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