I Am Mint Condition Again

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Travis Stearns has carved a special place out of my artistic center that sits somewhere between Hunter S. Thompson, Dave Carsen and Art Chantry. It’s a bit Gonzo but absorbing and after you’ve been absorbed you start to become engaged. You have to keep up on him because he is a shape shifter constantly putting himself on a limb whether it be in type, illustration, graphic design or photograph.

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Travis Stearns: Updates

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The always inspirational Minneapolis designer/illustrator and now typographer Travis Stearns appears to have updated recently with a new website. It looks as though he is working hard at type design and his efforts are putting forth some great looking typefaces.

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I Am Mint Condition – Flickr

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I know I have written about I Am Mint Condition before but damn it all if I am just not continually mind blown by the silver artistic brain bullets fired from the psyche of Travis Stearns. They aim straight for my art heart and fill it with inspired confusion. I just flat out love his collage work. It makes me want to crack open a can of creative whoop ass and work it out.

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Travis Stearns

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I have posted Travis Stearns’s work before from his personal site at I am Mint Condition. However, I just stumbled across his Behance page today and was really inspired by some of the work I found. I love psychedelic art with a modern twist and he has it in spades in his portfolio.

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