Brisseaux: Updates

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The illustrator known as ‘Brisseaux‘ has updated with some glowing hot Tron-inspired work that harkens back the 80s with a modern twist. It looks pretty darn cool if you ask me.

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GMunk: Updates

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It’s been an extremely long time since anyone heard from Bradley G Munkowitz and that’s because he spent the entirety of 2010 in the dark, up late at night constructing 12 minutes of holographic animation sequences for the movie Tron. It was a motion designers dream come true and he produced some truly phenomenal work for the film. He’s continued to be a force of nature in the industry and is often described as ‘crazy’ but ‘amazing’ by his peers but if you really want to know or understand his genius all you have to do is look through his work.

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Tron Artpack Giveaway

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Abduzeedo is offering up a free Tron artpack that actually features some pretty cool graphics that might just come in handy. Definitely worth clicking the download button on this one.

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Tron Premiere – A Light Session

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Riders at the Tron Legacy Premiere were deployed in a skate ramp equipped with an ipods and programmed with a custom-built app to measure their air time and trigger graphics whilst in the air and on landing. Radical man.

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