Hipster Branding

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If you have a pulse and you’ve kept your ear to the ground creatively over the past few years I am sure you may have picked up on the influence of ‘hipster’ culture on both graphic design and advertising. And like it is with every trend after a period of time there will always be a backlash. And lately the hipster influence has definitely had it’s neck laid over the chopping block. I recently stumbled upon a fun little site called Hipster Branding that ‘rebrands’ well known companies with a little ‘hipster’ pastiche and it’s pretty dead on. Is it good you might ask? Well it’s hip.

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There is a kind of subtle restraint happening throughout the photos logged at through the Tumblr page of Paulushaus. Each photo feels like it was captured on the spur of the moment although almost every composition looks like it was considered beforehand in order to achieve a harmonious balance.

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Home Sweet Home

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If you are big into interiors and furniture like I am then you are probably always looking for that next source of inspiration for what to do with your home. The Tumblr blog of Home Sweet Home has plenty of ideas to offer up and caters to much more than the regular modern or mid-century modern appeal. I definitely stumbled upon some spaces that gave me several new ideas.

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