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Rutger Paulusse currently works as a designer and illustrator at Vault 49. As you would expect if you are familiar with the studio’s work, Paulusse displays some exceptional illustrated typography skills throughout his portfolio.

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Vault 49: Updates

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At some point in the not so distant past it appears illustration/design powerhouse Vault 49 has updated with what looks like both a new website and several new projects. All of which looks pop-o-liscious.

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Vault 49: Relaunch

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The talented people behind Vault 49 relaunched their website this morning and damn does it look sexy. They have several new projects in their portfolio as well. I love that they don’t wait for client projects to experiment and keep working toward generating new ideas. They continually grow their arsenal of illustration techniques.

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John Ryan Solis

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John Ryan Solis is an illustrator and fine artist based in Brooklyn, New York.  He received a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in 2008 and currently works at Vault 49.

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Vault 49 – 7 Year Anniversary Print

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The first 50 of these gumball machine prints (for a pretty reasonable $30) from Vault 49, in celebration of their 7th anniversary will feature glow in the dark ink. It’s a perfect addition to any design aficionado’s black-lit bedroom/bathroom.

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Vault 49 New Illustration

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New work for 2009 from Vault 49. Wow, they are talented. Continually blown away by the beautiful work they produce.

Discovered via Picdit.

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Vault 49: Blog

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Vault 49 has a blog where they keep a record of ongoing projects. There are some really nice illustrations and works of art currently in the loop and it’s worth a stop for a dose of inspiration.

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Vault 49: Updates

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The legendary Vault 49 has updated their ever-inspiring portfolio of goodies. I am a sucker for vector art and man do I love their work. How do you get a job somewhere like that where you just make awesome stuff all of the time? I don’t think there is anywhere like that in Denver. I would know, I have worked just about everywhere in town at one point or another.

Oh well.

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