Vault 49 – 7 Year Anniversary Print

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The first 50 of these gumball machine prints (for a pretty reasonable $30) from Vault 49, in celebration of their 7th anniversary will feature glow in the dark ink. It’s a perfect addition to any design aficionado’s black-lit bedroom/bathroom.

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Steven Wilson: Updates

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Don’t get too excited because there isn’t really a lot of new work per se in the portfolio of illustrator Steven Wilson but there are a few new things and anything he does is worth noting. I have been a big fan of his work for a while now.

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Cengiz Bodur

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Cengiz Bodur is an illustrator working with vector art who has been able to create somethings I never would have imagined through the medium. It gave me renewed hope for vectors since I once worked with almost nothing else. Really unique work.

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Dan Funderburgh: Updates

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Artist Dan Funderburgh has updated with a brand new website featuring some newer work. Dan is really talented and is really owning his own unique brand of art. He just keeps getting better and better at what he is doing as well.

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Jan Feliks Kallwejt: Updates

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“Jan Feliks Kallwejt is freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Warsaw. He co-operates with clients from several European countries and North America. For six years he has worked with agencies in Warsaw and Hamburg. Currently, Jan focuses on illustration, apparel design and personal art projects.”

And he just updated with more tasty vector mouse riffs.

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CrisVector: Behance

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I stumbled upon the Behance portfolio of Brazilian illustrator Christiano Siqueira today A.K.A. CrisVector, and was again taken in by some of his work. I have looked at his website before but honestly, I just do not have the patience anymore to sit through waiting for images to load in Flash. It just drives me nuts. I was able to take in more of his work at his Behance page and he really has created some amazing imagery using little more than vector art. I love vector art and have for close to 10 years now so it is hard for me not to be sucked in by accomplished vector artists.

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Vault 49: Blog

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Vault 49 has a blog where they keep a record of ongoing projects. There are some really nice illustrations and works of art currently in the loop and it’s worth a stop for a dose of inspiration.

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Vault 49: Updates

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The legendary Vault 49 has updated their ever-inspiring portfolio of goodies. I am a sucker for vector art and man do I love their work. How do you get a job somewhere like that where you just make awesome stuff all of the time? I don’t think there is anywhere like that in Denver. I would know, I have worked just about everywhere in town at one point or another.

Oh well.

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Alright, I really have no idea who this guy is. If you scroll to the end of his illustrations there is a picture that I can only assume is a portrait of the artist. His work consists of simple stylized vector illustrations that I personally find very interesting because they meld vibrant color and trendy design with a human element that results in something that resonates. He is also a Brazilian and being married to one, I have an admitted weak spot for all things filed under ‘Brasil’.

So who is he? I don’t know, his website is under the adress Rubenslp but his email is Falecom and you can view his work here.

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Hydro 74 Rehydrated

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It looks as though the almighty Zeus of punk/surf/skate vector graphics has cracked a new lightening bolt across the world wide intertwined web of graphic design in the form of a new website. There unfortunately isn’t a significant amount of new work up at the site but there is an extremely kick ass t-shirt now available featuring Josh’s skull artwork in all it’s shining glory. When you are talking Hydro74, you just can’t go wrong.

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