Nathan Walker

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Austin-based designer and illustrator Nathan Walker is deft with the vector graphics and has some amazing projects in his Behance-folio including some projects he has art directed that are equally fantastic. He also goes by the name ‘All The Pretty Colors’.

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Man Tsun

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There is some great looking vector work in the Behance portfolio of Chinese designer/illustrator Man-Tsun. The above image would make for a desirable print in certain circles.

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See Scotty

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Scotty has illustrated for clients the likes of GQ, Time Magazine, The Boston Globe, The New Yorker, The New York Times and Wired. He utilizes a restrained and relatively geometric vector approach and often exercises restraint in his color palette.

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Jamie Cullen

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Brighton based illustrator Jamie Cullen has an interesting mish mash of influences represented in his imagery including references to pop culture but with a throwback 70’s sensibility created out of undeniable modern vector art.

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Brass Tack Apparel

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Joshua M. Smith, otherwise known as Hdyro 74 has launched a new clothing line called Brass Tack Apparel in conjunction with a small handful of artists. They are currently selling t-shirts and a few prints but it look as though the collection will be expanding in the future.

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Matt Taylor

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Brighton-based illustrator, Matt Taylor has some fun and colorful work in his portfolio.

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Akutou Loves You

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Thomas Pereira has some really fun vector graphics in his Behance-folio.

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There is some really nice vector work in the portfolio of George Myers.

Via Sci-Fi-O-Rama.

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Official Classic

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Mark Zador and Attila Horvath have launched their collective outlet, titled Official Classic, as a way out of what they describe as a constrictive creative scene in order to experience the fullest extent of their ambition and ability. I think that’s a noble goal. Consequently there is some really nice vector graphics and type faces available at the site. Best of luck guys and I hope for your success.

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Cengiz Bodur

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Cengiz Bodur is an illustrator working with vector art who has been able to create somethings I never would have imagined through the medium. It gave me renewed hope for vectors since I once worked with almost nothing else. Really unique work.

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