Daryl Feril

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Daryl Feril is based in Bacolod City, Philippines where he hand renders some wonderful ink and watercolor illustrations inspired by flora and fauna. His self-initiated ‘brands in full bloom’ project integrates brands he felt worked with his specific style to communicate their ‘feminine mood yet still conserve the sophistication and identity of each brand’.

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From the album “Both Lights”


Out now on Hometapes and The Leaf Label

Directed by Takafumi Tsuhiya / TAKCOM

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The akirA Project

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The akirA Project is the work of none other than Akira Beard. Not sure who that is or if that is a real name but whoever is responsible for the work in this Flickrfolio is one talented and imaginative human being. It might look messy but it takes a truly gifted hand to master a medium well enough to compose such imagery.

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Camila do Rosario

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Camila do Rosário has a masterful hand when it comes to generating fashion-influenced watercolor and pencil illustrations. Her portraits exude a feminine sensibility in both image and technique that is complimented by the employment of a unique color palette. The clincher of course is that she also hails from one of the most beautiful cities in Brasil.

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Brian Luong

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Illustrator and artist Brian Luong is a man of many talents and he spreads them from paper to screen with such fluidity that there is no telling what he might create next. Whatever it is though, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will be expertly crafted by a talented hand.

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Daniel Mackie

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British illustrator Daniel Mackie does one thing very well and that is watercolor. It’s a bit of a lost art sometimes when it comes to illustration but Mackie is holding his niche firmly down with some lovely work for a long list of clients.

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Grand Array

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Watercolor artist and illustrator Hannah Stouffer has been very busy lately and updated her site with a Grand Array of eye-popping colorful illustrations for numerous clients and publications.

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Amanda Nedham

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Amanda Nedham’s imaginative drawings and watercolors pay homage to classicism but draw inspiration from nature and dreams pushing them into the realm of the surreal.

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Nathan Manire: Updates

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Illustrator Nathan Manire reached out to inform us that he has updated his portfolio with more of his intricate portrait work. This time the update comes with an illustration of famed basketball giant Lebron James who made a lot of people happy this year and also pissed off an entire city/state upon his recent decision to uproot. It’s crazy how much his likeness has popped up recently in design and illustration circles. The economy he has fueled around himself and his career is impressive.

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Tom Hovey

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Illustrator Tom Hovey uses his hands and looks like he keeps them off of the mouse most of the time while generating his watercolor illustrations. The work benefits greatly from the approach as it keeps a raw and emotional tone.

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Nathan Manire

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Illustrator Nathan Manire was originally in Detroit but is now based in New York City. He has recently developed a new technique using watercolor to create a pixelated look that I would imagine requires a fair bit of patience to accomplish. The end result of his diligence is a striking image. To truly appreciate the amount of detail, take a few steps back from your monitor and squint your eyes a bit.

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Barbara Wijnveld

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Painter Barbara Wijnveld uses big dripping blocks of water color to create some striking fashion-influenced portrait paintings that look much better hanging on a wall then they come across via the web. I’d love to see them in a gallery setting.

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Sam Weber: Updates

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Master illustrator (and one of my all time favs) Sam Weber has updated with a new website and some striking new work.

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Julia Guther

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Germany-based Illustrator, Julia Guther has a unique and likable style that has landed her work for various publishers, magazine, newspapers and agencies around the globe although her work is primarily focused in Berlin and Hamburg.

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Andrew Holder: Updates

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It’s been a while since I dropped in on Andrew Holder and as far as I can tell, it looks like there is some new work in his portfolio (possibly even a new site). Either way, if you are unfamiliar with his work, it is a special retro-stylized treat.

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See JB Draw

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Jonathan Bartlett has a unique and interesting illustration style. In particular, I am really enjoying the use of space in some of his black and white work but his recently updated book merits a browse overall.

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Jose Manuel Hortelano

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Jose Manuel Hortelano is a Spanish illustrator with some unusual but beautifully rendered work in his portfolio.

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Chris Kuzma

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New work and website from quirky illustrator Chris Kuzma.

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