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Robert Hodgin AKA Flight 404 was tasked by Wired to create an opening animation for the iPad version of their magazine. The issue number was 18:08 and the number served as the crux of the piece. You can see the final version here but I am actually more a fan of the earlier version which can be seen above. You can’t go wrong with Hodgin’s amazing work. The music was provided by Tim Stutt. You can read more about the process involved in the creation of the animations at Hodgin’s website.

I find it rather ironic that if you really want to see and appreciate the quality and color of these animations, you have to watch them on Vimeo, which in my opinion from a quality standpoint is heads above YouTube but Vimeo isn’t supported by iPad or iPhone.

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Art In The New Age

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I read this in Wireless today and thought it was worth noting here. So, have you been hankering for some affordable art and don’t want to wait until I get around to producing my prints. Well, fortunately Web 2.0 has once again made art accessible to just about everyone and anyone from college bound to upper crust.

So where to buy this art? Well there are several options. I have listed some in the past but there are 3 here that were mentioned in the Wireless article.

Thumbtack Press: Originally Thumbtack’s founder Tony Bailey asked his cache or art buddies to help him stock out his site. Since then, he has pulled in more established talent and now there is something there for just about any amateur collector interested in dabbling in the low brow. Prices range anywhere from $15 to $45 bucks for unframed archival prints and a $100 up for framed.

Blueflip Art: With prints from artist/illustrator/designer hybrids like Brazilian Eduardo Recife and the deftly-skilled and also coincidentally Brazilian (Paulista) Will Murai, there will no doubt be something there that will satisfy the appetite of any in the know designer. Prices range from $15 to $45 for archival giclée prints. It gets better with Blueflip however because they also donate 10 percent of every sale to the charity of the artist’s choosing.

20×200: Soho gallery curator extraordinaire decided to take her taste for the finer side of art online by offering up carefully selected limited edition prints by artists any good NYC art socialite would be proud to adorn their brownstone with. Prices reflect taste and range far and wide from small prints starting at $20 ranging all the way up and out of most lower brow pocket books to $2,000. The bigger price tag does mean a much larger print. So, if you have the coin there are far worse things to do with it than support a hungry artist.

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