Yasuhiro Sakurai

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Japanese artist Yasuhiro Sakurai creates some divine wooden sculptures that must require some amazing talent to carve. The personality of the sitter remains intact with a haunting impact. It’s all in the eyes.

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Willy Verginer

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Sculptor Willy Verginer was born in 1957 in Bressanone and currently works and lives in Ortisei. He carves his work out of wood creating meticulously crafted human sculptures combining intricate patterns and swaths of bright color. The craftsmanship in the work is that of a true master and the care and skill required to create something so delicate in wood is hard to imagine.That’s old world talent.

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Karvt is a (Denver) locally owned business that created custom wooden skins for Macbook computers. The wooden skins are applied directly to the computer to bring a more natural look to your masterpiece of modern technology. Karvt currently has a Twitter Sweepstakes going on and are giving away 7 Originals Wooden Macbook skins. All you have to do is friend us and send a tweet to enter. The entire month of April they are accepting pre-orders. All pre-orders are 10% off if you use the code PREORDER during checkout.

Karvt also has an artist series of skins and hopes to expand the library or available designs. I am hoping to submit a design in the near future so keep an eye out for that.

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Ali Sandifer Studio

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Ali Sandifer Studio is a modern furniture maker based out of Chicago, Illinois. Sandifer uses domestic wood harvested from sustainable forests. To further their environmentally sustainable ethos, whenever possible they use water-based sealants and natural oils. Storage is a key feature for several of their undeniably beautiful pieces.

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Gehard Demetz

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I was just really impressed by the wood-carving sculpture work of German artist Gehard Demetz today. His work is just a marvel to behold. His craftsmanship and the contemplative nature of his work is truly an inspiration. Although he does have his own website, the best way to take in his work is through a simple Google image search.

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Isotrope Design

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Isotrope Design was established in 2008 by sisters Micol and Sael Bartolucci. Their furniture is almost less furniture and more art. The furniture pieces bear a strong influence from topography and utilize materials that come together to create something genuinely unique and unarguably beautiful. I would kill to own one of their pieces, but highly doubt I could ever afford to.

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Absolutely awesome video by Simon and McBess.

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Michael T. Rea

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The wood sculptures of Michael T. Rea are just fantastic.

Here is is artist’s statement:
“Standing on the shoulders of other people’s dreams could perhaps be the most pathetic of all dreams. The intent of my work is to create something short of its outcome. My goal is to create the idea of an object that remains a dream. The objects I create are based on fictions, rather than realities. I have always been interested in the ephemeral worlds established in film, or even in popular culture. Fictions or established hearsay allow for a flawed interpretation, which leads to a flawed result. The sublime is unattainable, and not an option. I further amplify this experience by only using my memory to construct my images. Failure is imminent. I find humor allows me to enjoy this experience, and I in turn build humor into the worlds established by my work. I have chosen to depict these states with unfinished wood, and other materials which convey a sense of the temporal. I find the beauty in life lies in between moments. My work offers a sense of what could be and what could never be simultaneously.”

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