From a young age Los Angeles based illustrator/artist/designer Tracy Robinson knew her passion was geared towards creative. She received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Loyola Marymount University and then interned at the Getty Museum. She has continued to explore the melding of art and design in projects for film, television, music, fashion and web. She has been particularly influenced by Japanese prints. Her vibrantly colored highly textured compositions straddle the line between pop-influenced design and fine art.

As a part of the ever-expanding LA art scene she has exhibited in numerous (as you can see by the long long list on her site) galleries. She has also contributed to several publications including Atomica, Neomu, Curvy, Beautiful Decay and The Royal Magazine. Be sure to click through much of her work as there is a large quantity but it is all quality. You can also adorn your walls with her lively colors by purchasing one of her several prints here.

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