Oliver Munden

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Oliver Munden is an illustrator with impressive range. He can shift from Mike Giant style inky black & white, to graphite, to neon pop and do it all really well. It’s no surprise that he’s currently a Senior Designer at ILoveDust, a favorite here at Changethethought™. I definitely look forward to seeing more work from Oliver. Check out his online portfolio MEGAMUNDEN.

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Jacob Sutton

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Jacob Sutton has created a mesmerizing film that captures a world most of us will never experience. Tearing down a mountain at night seems like a dangerous venture, but it looks phenomenal.

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Webster Colcord

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Webster Colcord is a master of all things animated, both analog and digital. He’s worked on Iron Man, Minority Report, and Live Free or Die Hard. However, stop-motion animation is definitely where his skills shine. Mad Doctors of Borneo is a series he started way back in 1993. He says he’ll probably finish it when he retires. If so, I hope he plans on retiring soon. I’d love to see more.

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Asger Carlsen

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Asger Carlsen is a Danish artist that gnarls the body into vulgar forms. Wavering between human anatomy as sculpture and mutant as model, his work creates a fascinating world of repulsive monsters.

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FutureDeluxe: 2012 Reel

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FutureDeluxe has released another reel of polished work. They’ve added some impressive illustrated animation to their glossy futuristic tech.

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Air: Le Voyage Dans La Lune

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French duo, Air, scored Georges Méliès recently restored classic film Le Voyage Dans La Lune and screenings begin this weekend around the U.S. The film will be paired with The Extraordinary Voyage, a documentary about the film’s production and restoration. Here is the list of upcoming theatrical screenings.

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John Kenn:  Post-It Monstre

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John Kenn draws unearthly creatures and characters that I would welcome into my nightmares. He recently published Post-It Monstre, a collection of his eerie drawings on post-it notes.

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