Neil Beech

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There is some crazy fantastic type and illustration work combined in perfect harmony throughout the portfolio of designer/illustrator Neil Beech.

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Mike Mitchell

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There are just so so many pop-culture inspired illustrations brimming over Sir Mike of Mitchell’s cup. Quick. Drink up.

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Kindrid Studio: Updates

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There are some tasty tasty updates in the portfolio of Kindrid Studio. Count me as a fan of Andrew Fairclough’s style.

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Adam Hayes

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There is a lot of well-branded, on tone and fun illustration work in the portfolio of the talented Mr. Hayes.

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Johnny Terror

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There is some super fun vector illustration goodness happening in the portfolio of the brilliantly named Mexican illustrator Johnny Terror and you can find it in his Behance-folio.

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Stefan Glerum

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Strange, iconic and surreal illustration work from Stefan Glerum.

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Sonar Fates

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“Sonar Fates Limited is owned and founded by UK based illustrator Dean Falsify Cook.

Sonar Fates grew out of the need to supply mobile gaming & modern culture industries with highly detailed, esoteric illustrations, be them static or in considered motion.

Not merely content with providing pixels for hire, he is establishing Sonar Fates as a base on which to launch his own Intellectual Properties.

He likes to describe his work as ‘progressive’ and each piece is meticulously designed to first batter the senses and then as the mental dust settles, subtly invite the viewer to ponder the meaning and devour the details.

He has had the great honour of working with multiple companies worldwide and has been printed in international publications such as Computer Arts, XFUNS and WebsMedia as well as being featured on prominent sites such as Behance, Digital Art Served and Abduzeedo.

He is also a proud member of prestigious international art collective Depthcore.”

This guy knows how to represent himself.

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Chatchanok Wongvachara

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There is some genuine illustrative talent on display in the Behance-folio of Thai Illustrator Chatchanok Wongvachara. It’s nice to see some process imagery also showcasing the original pencil work.

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Triangular Boy

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Triangular Boy is the experimental works of an Argentinian designer and illustrator. He has some strange and memorable abstract work continuously being fed through his Tumblr feed.

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Jonathan Burton

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Wow is really all there is to say about the illustrative works of Jonathan Burton. His covers for Penguin books are absolutely sensational and his more traditional style is refreshing within the context of modern illustration techniques. Prepare to be inspired.

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Edward Cao

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Edward Cao is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator who works primarily in traditional paint mediums. Recently featured on Juxtapoz.com as well as CreepMachine.com’s Artist of the Month, Edward has exhibited his work in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC. Edward graduated with a BFA from Art Center College of Design.”

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There is soem cool and eclectic work in the portfolio (or Tumblr blog rather) of the elusive Graphikh.

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Budi Satria Kwan

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Budi Satria Kwan has had many designs printed through Threadless and for good reason. Kwan is highly skilled at producing creative imagery based more on conceptual execution as opposed to leaning on a unique individual style. That opens the door for a broader audience. Just the kinda thing that works well on Threadless.

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Santtu Mustonen

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There is a wealth of wonderful things awaiting you in the portfolio of Santtu Mustonen. Enjoy.

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Mart Biemans

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Mart Biemans is a 20 year old design student with an already superb and interesting portfolio of vector-styled illustration work. He’s worth keeping an eye on.

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Goni Montes

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There is some colorful, thoughtfully composed and emotionally kinetic work in the portfolio of Goñi montes.

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Jesse Balmer: Updates

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Artist and illustrator Jesse Balmer has updated his unique and surreal portfolio with some inspiring new works.

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Mario Hugo: Updates

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I’ve always been very public about my love for all things Mario Hugo and he’s given me more to love yet again with a nice site update featuring a few new choice projects.

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