[BRDG007] PLMS_IV_D (SyncBody)

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Some absolutely amazing c4d work from Daihei Shibata, who describes this video simply as ‘Synchbody for PMLS_IV_D from Jade Fib EP by Yaporigami’.

In addition to creating some killer hair dynamics and a dope video that explores some very current themes of human representation in a simulated environment, Daihei also very generously makes his entire c4d project and audio files available for download. (Japanese plugs in required)

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Yan Nascimbene

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Nice set by the nomadic Yan Nascimbene,

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Girl with the dragon tatoo: opening titles

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Blur Studios does a great job nailing that sexy/evil thing with the opening titles for Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.

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Earthquakey People: DJ Steve Aoki

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According to Laundry, DJ Steve Aoki’s singular creative direction was simply ‘make It crazy’. His new album, Wonderland, hits Jan. 11.

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samsung coast to coast

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Our good friend Tony Benna, of Mekanism, directed these beautifully composed vignettes for the Samsung Sh-100 camera. They hopped in a camper, drove across America and handed the camera off to strangers that became friends along the way. Not a bad way to spend the summer. Great writing, editing and a voice that really rings true.

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bjork crystalline

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“Crystalline”, the new video by Bjork and directed by Michel Gondry is out. There are some cool moments in the piece but I’d have liked to see the stop motion pushed a bit further as well as see Bjork more integrated into environment.

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Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

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The Spanish collective Canada has yet again turned out an incredible music video, this time for the Northern Irish band Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘What You Know’, off their debut album Tourist History. The song is pretty damn catchy and the art direction for the video is spot on, featuring a chorus line of dancing girls that all look like they stepped out of Barcelona in 1986. Directed by Lope Serrano and produced by Partizan.

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Grace Jones – Corporate Cannibal

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You have to give it up to Grace Jones. The woman’s got grit.

Released in 2008 off her album Hurricane, Corporate Cannibal pretty much sums up the scene in America that has defined our era. “You’re my life support. Your life is my sport.” I fully expect Grace to be cranking it out well into retirement age and giving me chills.

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Toro Y Moi – You Hid

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Sometimes you come across so much good stuff all at once it’s hard to know where to look. Such is the case with this little treasure over at yourstru.ly, an oh-so-very SF music and film blog that features the work of my new art crush, Heidi Petty. Also based in San Francisco, Petty’s work is a great aesthetic blend of woolly film stock and digital, although the stand out is this intimate piece for Toro Y Moi, aka Chazwick Bundick (seriously?).Mr. Bundick’s music is on pretty heavy rotation here at the CTT studio. That chillwave vibe was definitely the trend of 2010, but damn it melts your core. So check the vid, give a nod to Brian Wilson, the originator of multi-layered chill and enjoy some good old fashioned music and video.

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Off of their 4th LP titled LP4 (what else) from XL Recordings, Ratatat’s own Evan Mast, aka E*vax, delivers a totally stupid surreal bit of awesomeness starring Fellini, Mike Stroud’s pet parakeet. The band is currently on tour in Australia…stay dry, Fellini.

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