Budnitz: Le Grand Tour

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“A recalcitrant bicycle thief falls in love with the bicycle he’s stolen. Inspired by the films of François Truffaut. Created by Budnitz Bicycles, directed by Russ Lamoureux, produced by Partizan.”

Budnitz Bicycles was actually founded by Kid Robot founder Paul Budnitz who now resides in Boulder. He’s brought some serious talent to our local community here and he keeps inspiring through his entrepreneurial efforts and unceasing love for creativity.

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The Forty Story

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The Forty Story

The story of a boy born on the day Pentagram opened and how his life has been tracked (and kerned) by forty years of Pentagram design.

Written by Naresh Ramchandani and Tom Edmonds
Directed by Christian Carlsson
Additional animation by Simone Nunziato
Sound design by Iain Grant and Wam London
Music by Graeme Miller
Titles by John Rushworth
Design by Pentagram
Voiceover by Daniel Lapaine


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Kult House: Updates

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It’s that time again to refresh your Kult House page. They have updated yet again with some notable work stretching across different media and like always it’s all very sharp.

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Vanessa Bruno: LØV

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Kate Bosworth lends her beauty to this allegorical performance in the Vanessa Bruno short film, LØV. Directed by Stephanie Di Giusto. Courtesy Partizan Entertainment.

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samsung coast to coast

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Our good friend Tony Benna, of Mekanism, directed these beautifully composed vignettes for the Samsung Sh-100 camera. They hopped in a camper, drove across America and handed the camera off to strangers that became friends along the way. Not a bad way to spend the summer. Great writing, editing and a voice that really rings true.

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Networked Society: On the Brink

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As the world may end with a whisper rather than a bang, so has this remarkable networked era seemingly appears as if it was always there. Beautifully shot short film from Ericsson.

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Live The Language

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Director Gustav Johansson created these wonderful little spots for EF International Language Centers with the help of :

D.O.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf (niklasjohansson.com)
Typography: Albin Holmqvist (albinholmqvist.com)
Music: Magnus Lidehäll (twitter.com/​magnusthemagnus)
VFX: Goodmotion (goodmotion.se)

There is also one for Sydney and one for Vancouver.

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john jay on creativity

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In a field that is often criticized (and rightly so) as being crass, arrogant and following trends, Wieden Kennedy has long been one of the few agencies that approaches the craft of advertising with maturity, courage and ingenuity. John Jay has been a huge part of their dominance in recent years and his wisdom on this business many of us are engaged in is very much recommended reading. ‘The greatest thing we can offer is to be great listeners’

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Nike: The Chosen

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Can you make a 22 minute commercial? Well yeah, if you are Nike and you have athletes like Paul Rodriguez, Julian Wilson and Danny Kass to support your brand. Nike ‘just does it’.

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The Viral Collection

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While in New York recently I had the good fortune to meet up with Ryan and Jonathan, founders and all around nice guys over at Lucky, one of the many up and coming digital agencies on the NY scene. In addition to kicking out some great viral and branded content, they’ve also been busy developing a pretty outstanding database of viral videos that may be found at The Viral Collection. Whether  you’re looking for the Jawbone ‘Wednesday Was a Good Day’ video or the Hot Wheels Indy 500 stunt, TVC is a viral gold mine.

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Amnesty Turns 50

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This amazing spot created for the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International was produced by Eallin Motion Art and Dreamlife Studio under the direction of Carlos Lascano with Music by Academy Award Winner Hans Zimmer and Nominee Lorne Balfe. It’s a gorgeous little piece of animation.

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Sid Lee

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Sid Lee is a phenom of an agency that is cranking out rock solid creative for everything from retail space design, motion, live action, art direction, branding and graphic design. All of it is good. It’s Snoop Dog with a light saber good. Yes you heard me right.

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As a new parent, all kinds of thing affect me emotionally in ways they didn’t before the birth of my son. This T.V. spot for Mtv resonated with the protective parent in me that is always trying to keep my little boy out of harms way.

Director: Jonathan Gurvit
Production Company: primobuenosaires.tv
DOP: Atahualpa Rojas Bermudez
Art direction: Sole Calvano
Stylist: Clarisa Furtado
Postproduction: PICKLE
Colour: Cinecolor
Music: Papamusic

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Must Warn Others

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Must Warn Others is a new local Colorado production, direction and design shop that popped up on my radar while I was out of town and our website was down and dragged through the mud (long story to come soon). I have to be honest about almost being afraid to post their work since they are some pretty heavy competition for a shop like ours but the more the merrier here in Colorado. The market needs it bad around here and a studio of this caliber is just what the doctor ordered. So I have to ask and may as well do it in this post, do you guys want to work together on something because we think you kick ass.

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

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Alright, I am totally going to have to see this and you should too if you have ever worked anywhere near, in or around advertising which should pretty much encompass all of us in the creative industry, at least those of us who have had to work on a commercial project, so like I was sayin’ pretty much all of us. Ironically actually, I think Morgan Spurlock himself was once a graphic designer. So go figure.

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Mono: Updates

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Minneapolis studio Mono has updated with a simple new website that features some downright sophisticated and amazing work for a remarkable roster of clients. They are on top of where advertising and design is today and should be closely watched.

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PSYOP – Pop Up Book

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PSYOP don’t stop. They are still killing it after all these years with work like this spot for JP Morgan Chase for McGarryBowen. There is some hellaciouslly difficult-to-produce 3D going on in this spot and it all works beautifully.

To see the massive list of involved parties on this spot click here.

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Pentagram: New Website

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The long-standing pillar of design, branding and advertising perfection that is Pentagram have updated with a new website which is neither a day late nor a dollar short of precisely what an online portfolio in our common year of 2011 should be. What I mean to punctuate is that here we have no frills and all good work. It’s easy to sort through and puts the raw creative chops squarely on the slab for you to cook up in your now inspired brain as to how you and your agency or studio could ascertain the level of awe that Pentagram has achieved and will be remembered for. The word ‘icon’ can be applied in this rare situation since they have carved out a corner in a fleeting and nearly impossible to define industry. Many will clamor but few will reach so eloquently over such a span of time.

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