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This is the official video for Monarchy & Dita Von Teese’s single ‘Disintigration’.

Director: Roy Raz
DoP: Roman Linetsky
Set Designer & Visual Consept: Samuel David Ben Shalom
Editor: Ornit Levy
CG & VFX: Gravity
Creative Director and VFX supervisor: Asaf Yeger , Gravity
Head of Art & Design: Israel Breslev, Gravity
Head of 3D & Online: Yoav Savaryego,Gravity
2D Animation: Yosi Lagzeal
Production: “We Do Production”
Producer: Hamutal Peles
Executive Producer: Yuli Urbakh
Hair & Make Up: Eran Pal
Styling: Gustavo Matias Franco
Choreographer: Tamir Eting
Husband: Angel Bonanni (for ADD Content Agency)
Voiceover intro: Eric Szmanda

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I am Always Hungry: Updates

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I and I am sure a lot of you too have kept track on the work of I am Always Hungry for a while now and they finally updated after a very very long time and it’s a meaty update to be sure. There is lots of good work in their portfolio and it looks like they haven’t had to go too hungry lately with the amount of projects they have been working on.

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Cups in The Sink

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This is the official music video for “Cups in the Sink” from Cross Record’s full-length LP, Be Good. The video was created by .

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Beirut: The Rip Tide

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This is the debut music video for director Houmam Abdallah blending the real and surreal that follows a vessel that wonders into a world where art and nature are one. The video is for the title track of Beirut’s latest album, The Rip Tide. The song was inspired by the works of Salvador Dali, Georges Seurat and JMW Turner.

DoP: Simon Pinfield
Producer: Elaine Britton
Script Editor: Ruby Ocean
DIT/Camera Assist: Hugh Campbell
Lead Flame: Ilia Mokhatareizadeh
2D operator: John Price
2D assist: Siro Valente, Brad Wood, Milo
On set 2D supervisor: Graeme Turnbull
Editor: Daniel Budin
Assistant Editor: William Barnett
Colourist: Houmam Abdallah
Post-production producer: Sophie Hogg
Phantom: Steve Price (Love High Speed)
Set Design: Max Frommeld

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Othello from Solo Piano II

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This is a track from SOLO PIANO II Presented in ‘PIANOVISION’ off of an album due out later this summer.

More info here:
Follow us on Facebook to be up to date : facebook.com/chillygonzales
Also visit our official site: chillygonzales.com

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Metric: Youth Without Youth

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Nothing spoken for on the Vimeo page for this video so I’ve got no credits to list here but this is Metric and as a fan that is enough said for me.

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Zebra Katz.: Ima Read

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The actual title here is Zebra Katz featuring Njena Reddd Foxxx – Ima Read but man when your title for a song is that long, I just ain’t posting all that shit into one blog title but I’ll definitely post the video and the song if both are as cool as this.


Label: Mad Decent
Producer: Lauren Castro
Director: Ruben Sznajderman


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Alan Wilkis: Shadow

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Written & Directed by Ryan O’Hara Theisen

SHADOW is the second installment from PRINTS, a series of singles by Brooklyn-based recording artist and producer, Alan Wilkis. The song is a collaboration between Wilkis, Lyrics Born and White Hinterland.

Stream and download “Shadow” and its accompanying remixes at: bit.ly/Shad_Vim


Cast: Brian McCarthy, Amanda Allyse Magyar, Chris Boas, Patti Van Dyke, Geordie Broadwater, Michael Newman, Roland Da Rold, Guy Galloway

Production Company: Lucky Branded Entertainment
Executive Producer: Jonathan Rosen
Producer: John Zhao

Director of Photography: Corey Fontana
Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Roland Da Rold
Grip: Michael Newman, Jacob Rhodes
Art Directors: Claire Ensslin & Jacob Rhodes
Wardrobe Design: Lauren Rosen & Erin Pope
Makeup Artist: Sarah Graalman
Production Assistants: Guy Galloway, Mona Hassan, Hannah Bae

Editor: John Zhao
Colorist: Tristan Kneschke
VFX: Michael Lawrence

Made possible with help from Forgotten Works Studio and DUMBO Improvement District.

Special thanks to: John Zhao, Mary Crosse, Frank Ishman, Brian Feeney, Lauren Rosen, Jacob Rhodes, Erin Pope, Brian Cherchiglia.

Shot on Canon 5D and 7D.

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Tenacious D: Rize of the Fenix

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I am a big fan of Tenacious D and have been for a few years now. Of course I am totally stoked that they are hanging around and their recent album is definitely awesome and this recent video promoting the release of their latest single ‘Rize of the Fenix’ is brilliant.

Prod Co: PrettyBird
EP: Candice Ouaknine
Producer: Becca Kinskey & Jonathan Wang
DP: Christian Sprenger
Production Designer: Jason Kisvarday
VFX: Zak Stoltz, Ben Brewer, and Brandon Hirzel

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Halo: The Dark Knight

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Diggin’ this joint right here.

Produced by Khrysis
Directed by Kenneth Price
The Blind Poet
Jamla Records

IWWMG 2012


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There are just so many wrong things happening in this video for Chappo’s single ‘Hell No’ that it’s hard to know where to begin. They are all super fun to watch but you can probably take a wild guess as to the potential discomfort level just by looking at the thumbnail for the video. It’s potentially NSFW depending on your comfort level with singing boobs.

Directed and produced by: GHOST+COW (Brandon LaGanke & John Carlucci)
DP: Milos Silber
Production co: Hayden 5 Media
Edited by: Chris Coots
Colorist: Tim Ziegler
VFX Producer/EP: Chris Kiser
Flame: Lead: Aaron Vasquez
Flame: Mario Caserta
Flame: Joey Deady
Special thanks to Click3X, Outpost Digital, Radical Media and Hayden 5

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Diamond Zoidal: One Try

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Alexander Dueckminor sent his latest music video in and it’s a lot of fun to both watch and listent too. Hip hop goes electro synth pop by way of Diamond Zoidal’s single ‘One Try’. The video seems to match the style of music pretty well.

Production & Direction: The Crystal Beach
Art Direction & Design: Alexander Dueckminor
Post Production: AIM Designstudio
2D & 3D Animation: Christian Dueckminor
Director of Photography: Midnight Cinema
Editor: Paul John

Music: Diamond Zoidal – One Try / Produced by Ruckazoid / Scratches by Ruckazoid
Commissioned by: Listen + Compute



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Bon Iver: Towers

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Nabil directed this beautiful video for Bon Iver’s recent single ‘Towers’ featuring the FX work of Andeffects.

Director: NABIL (NABIL.com)
Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
DOP: Larkin Sieple
Editor: Isaac Hagy
FX/Post: andeffects.com
Color: Brandon Chavez
Prop towers: Adam Lawrence
Production Company: NE Direction

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Bleeding Knees Club

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Here’s another Aussie skate punk band I have started to follow. They’ve got a fun, low-fi and crunch sound that despite the grit goes down smooth on melody. There are some great tracks on their EP that you can grab on iTunes and their full length album ‘Nothing to Do’ was just released last month.

Band: Bleeding Knees Club
Track: Teenage Girls
Taken from: Debut album ‘Nothing To Do’ – Feb 2012
Directed By: Alan Ortiz

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Friends: Friend Crush

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Friends is another ‘newish’ band I have taken an interest in. Based out of Brooklyn, their echoing throwback sound is instantaneously catchy and recognizable in a good way. I am not entirely sure if they have released an EP or feature length but I’d love to know if there is more out there. If you’ve got any more information about the band, please drop some links in the comments.


Directed by Matthew Caron
Edited by Matthew Caron and Samantha Urbani
Photography by Matthew Caron and Chris Person
VFX Artist – Aaron Katsnelson
On Set Photographer – Ursula Mann

Also featuring: Amy Jenkins, Jessica JV Reid, Gillian Zargorski and Elan Fraser

Special Thanks: Market Hotel, Aurora Halal, Mary Katherine Youngblood, Gianina Jiminez Barrantes and Etienne Pierre Duguay

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Toy: Left Myself Behind

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I am really digging these guys. It’s a little tough to drum up information about them just yet since they are pretty fresh on the scene but I’ve got my ear to the ground for the release of their first album.

“HVN233 – TOY ‘Left Myself Behind’
Directed by Mark Donne
Director of Photography Joe Morris.

TOY is a Korg Delta led five-piece formed in 2010. It consists of Tom Dougall (Vox/Guitars), Dominic O’Dair (Guitars), Maxim Barron (Bass/Vox), Alejandra Diez (Synthesizers/Modulation) and Charlie Salvidge (Drums/Vox). TOY’s musical influences incorporate a wide range of genres including punk, psychedelia, krautrock, post rock to name a few and they explore experimental recording techniques in the studio.

With the majority of 2010 spent writing, TOY played their first show at the Cave Club in Islington earlier this year. Since then the band have played a string of live performances including Field Day and 1234 festivals and have supported bands such as The Horrors and The Pretty Things. Their first single – Left Myself Behind – is out now. “

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Other Lives: Tamer Animals

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Anytime I hear a band might be supporting a Radiohead tour (Radiohead being one of my all time favorite bands) well…my ears perk up. And Other Lives is doing just that. The song ‘Tamer Animals’ The song is the title track off of their album under the same name. I highly recommend checking it out.

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[BRDG007] PLMS_IV_D (SyncBody)

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Some absolutely amazing c4d work from Daihei Shibata, who describes this video simply as ‘Synchbody for PMLS_IV_D from Jade Fib EP by Yaporigami’.

In addition to creating some killer hair dynamics and a dope video that explores some very current themes of human representation in a simulated environment, Daihei also very generously makes his entire c4d project and audio files available for download. (Japanese plugs in required)

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