Essays On Reality: Chapter 2

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Essays On Reality, Chapter 2 from Greg Barth on Vimeo.

See Chapter 1, the integral work, research and analysis: cargocollective.com/essaysonreality

Making-Of: vimeo.com/57189786

“A caricature of hardcore pornography, a visual intepretation of our relationship with social technology, and a critique on the collapse of the Europeen Union.
The Theme for this chapter is the Generation Y, and is separated into 3 essays.

Essays On Reality is an ongoing series of short video art installations, influenced by the existentialist and surrealist movement, and inspired by social-political and economic events from around the world.”

MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Nookaad Productions

TALENT: Maxime Roux
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Jean-Constant Guigue
COSTUMES AND PROPS: Yuki Honjo-Archer, Greg Barth
SETS: Jean-constant Guigue, Clement Yeh

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Vermibus Process

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Advertising is mostly ugly, distractingly noisy clutter. So why not make some improvements or at the very least some art.

Camera: Xarlee, cargocollective.com/xar_lee
Editing: David de Larrea
Music: Rob Costlow – Contemporary Piano – Bliss

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Low Bros

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From screen to canvas to walls the German crew known as the Low Bros represent with some geometric animal-inspired work that is pure eye candy.

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Mark Gmehling

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There is some very interesting work in the Behance-Folio of German artist and illustrator Mark Gmehling. It’s hard to describe really but the best way to dive in is to first start off with his massive list of exhibition work. It would be amazing to see some of his prints as actual animated physical sculptures.

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Paulo Arraiano: Updates

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There are several new and very interesting projects in the portfolio of Portuguese artist, illustrator and creative Paulo Arraiano. His work has become much more artistic and expressionistic since I last dropped in and his street art work is phenomenal.

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Pop Pop Bang

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“A collaboration between creative director Anna Burns and the photographer Thomas Brown. Through the use of various mediums the pair have curated an exhibition that explores the masculine world of B-Movies and juxtaposed it with the traditional British landscape. Using the themes of said movies – girls, guns and explosives – and twisting it against a very British backdrop these two challenge not only the premise of each subject but also the use of their chosen medias. The duo created a wall of umbrellas displaying elements of the classic B-Movie and located them within three landscapes – one being the forest, then London’s docklands and finally the grounds of Suffolk Manor house.”

Director – Thomas Brown
Creative Direction/ Concept – Anna Burns

Music – Meanred
DOP – Ryan Hopkinson & Tom Turley tomtdop.com
Editing – Ryan Hopkinson, Mariana Delellis, Alex Berry and Thomas Brown
Colorist – David Andrews @ Phoenix Bespoke, Alex Berry @ Ladoja & Sons
Camera assistant – Sam Hofman, James Bryant, Anthony Prothero
Rigging – Karmer Set building Ltd

Compositing and Title Design – Mari Delellis Lopes, Laurie Gibbs
Art Department Assistants – Cera Macy, Glenda Goldschmied, Katherine Webb, Robert Eaton, Louise Porter, Michelle Yarham, Nicole Grey, Gemma Banks
Logisical Support and show installation – Karmer Set building
Huge Thanks – Tim Sillis, Abi Hodson @ 167 Productions, Location Partnership, The Crossleys at Somerleyton, FCP students at Saint Martin’s, David Payne and Trevor Smith.

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Arth Daniels

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Arth Daniels work is a crazy blended cocktail of pop psychedelia brought to life like Frankenstein’s monster in vivid color.

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James Roper

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Artist James Roper recently updated with more of his signature-styled and totally kick ass work.

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Steven Harrington: Updates

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Steven Harrington is still killing it after many years in the art game. He recently relaunched his website featuring several new works and some great imagery from past gallery shows. He’s a real talent.

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Kubrick at LACMA

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“We can’t believe anyone has made it to adulthood without seeing at least one of his flicks, but in case you grew up in a cult, for sheer power of iconography alone, Kubrick deserves his place in the pantheon of greats…”

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has a notable retrospective exhibit of the life and work of Stanley Kubrick. It sounds cliché in creative circles but 2001: A Space Odyssey is my favorite film of all time and several of Kubrick’s other works rank in my top 10.

It looks as thought the exhibit will be up for a while and I may actually try and head out to LA at some point just to see it. If you live there then you have no excuse.

Read more about it here.

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Max Boufathal

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French artist Max Boufathal joined the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Nantes in 2002, where he devised a unique sculptural style. Since graduating in 2007 he’s taken part in exhibits across Europe and has continued to evolve as an artist to watch.

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Stephan Balleux: Updates

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I’ve been inspired by the organically surreal artwork of painter Stephan Balleux since I first stumbled upon it. He’s updated his website with more comprehensive views of his aggressive and ambitious art exhibitions. It’s all very worth a highly inspirational browse.

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Aaron Nagel: Updates

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Painter Aaron Nagel updated both his website and his portfolio since I last dropped in a long long time ago. He’s continuing with the same portraiture imagery of women but starting to up the symbolism bit by bit as he goes.

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Return to the Sea

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“The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art has organized a major traveling exhibition of new work by contemporary Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto. The exhibition will premiere in Charleston May 24-July 7, 2012, as a featured presentation of the Spoleto Festival USA. Return to the Sea: Saltworks by Motoi Yamamoto will travel nationally after its inaugural presentation, including stops in Los Angeles, CA, Charlotte, NC, and Monterey, CA. The centerpiece of the exhibition will be a site-specific installation created entirely out of salt by the artist during his two-week residency at the Halsey Institute.”

Get lost in the contemplative and meditative works of Matoi Yamamoto. It would be an experience to witness his work in person.

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Nike 78: Revamped

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The Nike 78 project has been updated and features some fresh new artist interpretations of the iconic Nike shoe. It’s an interesting project featuring some exciting and intelligent artists and speaks volumes about Nike’s ownership of it’s brand. Advertising agencies take note.

The above video is one of the older projects by ANSWR but it’s still one of my favorites.

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I’ve posted the work of illustrator/street artist Aryz before but it looks as though there are some recent updates and they are far too glorious and inspirational not to share. Please stop and consider the actual size of the piece above for a second. Wow.

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Gregory Euclide

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The artwork of Gregory Euclide takes pieces of landscapes and melts them into almost psychedelic dream like visions that manage to both tug at your imagination while remaining ever-conscious of the physical aspect of the paint medium. I’d imagine they are much more striking in person.

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Joram Roukes

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Mashup of popular culture is probably the most accurate description of Joram Roukes’s artwork that takes elements from graffiti, cartoons, sports, movies and just about everything else put in front of us to distract us from the underlying decay of our society. There is also a bit of Francis Bacon peaking out from the seams if you look closely and that’s just enough to add an edge that can push things a just dark enough to make it very interesting.

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