Kilian Eng

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Stockholm based illustrator Kilian Eng updated his Behance-folio once again with more magnificent 70’s/80’s retro-sci-fi-inspired imagery that employs the use of simple line art, imaginative color and even more imaginative scenery. Count me as a fan.

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Home Sweet Home

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If you are big into interiors and furniture like I am then you are probably always looking for that next source of inspiration for what to do with your home. The Tumblr blog of Home Sweet Home has plenty of ideas to offer up and caters to much more than the regular modern or mid-century modern appeal. I definitely stumbled upon some spaces that gave me several new ideas.

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Wonderwall is an interior design firm that was founded by Masamichi Katayama in 2000. They are responsible for some of the most drop dead gorgeous interiors you have ever seen. They have also just recently launched a new website that features a what could only be described as a wondrous wall full of wonderful work.

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Jessica Lynn White

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Jessica Lynn White

A very talented and ambitious designer from Baltimore, Jessica Lynn White has a wide variety of experimental work in her portfolio, ranging from interior design to print graphics. Jessica seems to have developed an intriguing style of her own, and has already spent a lot of quality time polishing her skills under the guidance of renowned designer, Jonathan Adler! Working alongside Jessica, I can attest to her abilities and am very excited to see where her inventive personality takes her!


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Tree House Hotel

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Tree House

Did you hear the one about the invisible tree house hotel? An incredible concept by Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter that disrupts nature in the most minimal fashion possible. This tree house/hotel room is lined with mirrored glass and almost vanishes at a glance from the outside, while granting the guest a 360 degree view from the inside. Wow.

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This Aint No Disco

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This Ain’t No Disco is a blog archiving the interiors of Design Firms, Ad Agencies and the like from across the globe. It is a great study in the environments containing our strange little business. If you are trapped in a cubicle somewhere and want to daydream about being somewhere that not only creates for their clientele, but provides an environment to nurture that creativity out of their employees, then it is a great site to spend some time on. On the flipside, if you are working in one of these great places, you might want to send in some photos of your office, so the rest of us have something to salivate over.

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