I find the name of Andrew Laidlaw’s website (Authentic GOP) slightly ironic when considering the email he sent me tonight. Needless to say I was a little upset about the email. What I tried to make clear to Mr. Laidlaw was that his intention of ‘ripping me off’ as he puts it only undermines what he is attempting to do by creating materials that support his cause. I told him that if he was an honest person and cared about his integrity, he would work as hard as I have for Obama to create his own materials to support McCain, and by doing so he might help galvanize some integrity for young voters interested in McCain. I find it really sad that his conscience won’t allow him to ‘rip me off’ without first warning me about it. It shows that he knows what he is doing is wrong, otherwise he would just do it. It’s a level that I won’t sink to and I think it destroys his credibility and injects a fatal flaw into his argument. If he really cared about his candidate, then he should create original works that support him and give them away as I have. I think it’s a lot more effective to create materials that ‘support’ a candidate you believe in then it is to create negative materials that seek to smear the candidate you are against. One of these methods shows passion and inspires others while the other only encourages negativity and sours the argument. Here is his email and his contact information. Feel free to read it and contact him letting him know what you think. As for me, you can always reach me easily. He has already told me he knows I am a ‘novice’ and don’t have a legal leg to stand on. Cheers to you Andrew. You are a really talented guy for figuring out how to effectively steal from people and take advantage instead of putting in your own work.

Below is Andrew Laidlaw’s email to me and you can reach Andrew at (click the address to send him an email if you like): andrewlaidlaw@comcast.net

“Even tough I’m not on the obama side of the isle, I wish to help you out… sort of…

I don’t think your going to be happy with some of the art you have made available for free advising people to change it any way they want. That’s what I plan to do and I know your not going to be happy with the results. I don’t wish to aggravate you or dishearten you, but you left your self wide open for this one. I suggest you now modify your statement for future downloads.

I know I wouldn’t be happy if I had created art like that and some one used it for an opposite intention. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN RIPPING OF ART, AND DONT but you did advise people do so as they please with it… so the reason I’m writing you is a courtesy to point out that which I don’t think you really thought that throughly about.

Best wishes,

Authentic GOP.com

Can you believe this guy? Seriously. Please send him an email letting him know what you think of people poaching other artist’s work for their own gain.

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