This has been circulating like a wildfire all over the net lately so it wouldn’t surprise me if you have heard already, but the infamous street artist Banksy has been busy coating the 9th ward of New Orleans with his signature brand of street art to mark the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in a way only he could. Once again all of the work is provocative and even more so when you consider that the art isn’t hanging on some gallery wall, it is right there on the street where the floods occurred and people died. The word is he is now on a tour of the south as his work has lately appeared in Alabama. You have to respect him for continuing the force people to think and confront the issues we deny that continue to erode our society. He is a man of the times and he has earned his place in art history for a reason.

As Hurricane Gustav once again pounds New Orleans today and fears are rising that loosened ships may puncture the levies, his work seems all the more timely.

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