I posted an entry about Byroglyphics on my last blog but much has happened since then and there is now a lot more work to see by this talented artist and illustrator. Byroglyphics is the work of 36 year old Brighton-based Russ Mills.

In his own words from his Myspace page, Russ describes Byroglyphics and it’s inception:
Byroglyphics was born in the wee small hours of the morning one day in 2004, when I used to be a world champion alconaut, the name was shouted by my friend Hambot and it stuck in my head, we used to make up many words, most far more expressive than the one’s in circulation today. My illustrations are not too scientific, they begin life as sketches in ink, the tool of choice is the Bic ‘fine’ because it gives me a lot more mileage than more expensive, snootier fine liners that break if you give them too much stick. The sketch is transported into my ageing mac and then abused in photoshop (you may have heard of it) i use this because of the joy of multiple undo’s plus its the closest I can get to painting without painting. The next stage in byroglyphics’ life is to turn these illustrations into big canvases, it’s taken me many attempts to get to a stage where i’m confident enough to attack canvas and leave the relative safety of the computer, as with everything else it’s a constant learning curve, sometimes a downward one. The results of these curves will be in circulation soon.

His commitment to his craft is evident in the work. It just gets better every time I visit his website. If you want to purchase prints of his work you can do so at Big Cartel. You can also stay up to date on his work at his blog. His work is a great study in what is capable when the best of both worlds collide with digital and analog produced art. It’s truly inspirational.

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