I have to say, I was shocked when I found this site. I use textures a lot in my work. Some of them I make on my own, the rest I find on the web. It is always a struggle to find a good spot to get them from and when I found , I realized my search was over. The site was put up by a 3D artist to serve as a resource for 3D texture mapping. Basically, he wanted to create a resource for other artists, so they wouldn’t have to waste their time scouring the internet for textures. They could find them all in one spot. Its pretty amazing really because every link you click goes deeper and deeper.

For example I created the image above using one of the splatter textures, under the ’round’ subcategory. Get this, in that ’round’ subcategory, there are 81 images. It is seriously insane just how much imagery is on this site. I know I am revealing my nerdiness here in a big way but it really sincerely made my day.

Of course you can suggest and contribute your own textures as well. My sincerest thanks to the author of this website. I am always amazed by the spirit of community that has been proliferated by the internet. Its liberating to see people sharing just because they want to and they see how doing so provides a benefit for all.

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