I have been working hard on some new prints for this year and there are a couple new bits and pieces in my print portfolio. I am still working on several new prints and should be printing some new posters for 2009 sometime in the next few weeks. I will also be printing some larger format posters (18 x 24 inches) including the poster shown above. I am also working on a very large format print (A1) for the DATA (Designers Against Tibetan Abuse) show that will take place this summer. If I am not mistaken the show will be in London but don’t quote me on that. I may even try to attend since I have yet to visit London and desperately want to do so.

Thank you for your readership. There has been a big upsurge in traffic which has been great to see. I promise to keep this thing rolling as long as you are out there rocking. Thank you.

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