Chris B. Murray is an artist / illustrator / designer who was raised in a small upstate NY town bordering the Canadian border / St. Lawrence River. Although it took several years for him to develop a personal style, CBM’s vivid color use, striking subject matter and technique became apparent at a young age.  Chris would spend his younger years drawing endlessly into the night while his friends were our running a muck.  During this time he developed a deep fascination for graffiti art / hip-hop culture, comic book and children’s book art.  Chris carefully studied the bold color schemes from graffiti, the line work & dynamic compositions shown in comics and the dreamy imagery present in children’s books.  From these studies he absorbed enough visuals and information to hone a style he now calls his own.  Chris currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with his beautiful girlfriend Emily & their boxer puppy ‘Chunk’.”

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