“‘CITY OF LAKES’ is as much a documentary about what it means to return to the birthplace of one’s ancestors, as it is an exploration of the Hindu faith, and the rituals of a Hindu marriage. Central to this is the Ganesh puja, which in simple terms, is a prayer over a fire believed to invoke the spirit of Ganesh, a great deity and protector, who can remove all obstacles from one’s path. The puja is performed several times in the film and carries great significance to the plot and characters in both literal and metaphoric ways.”

There is a lot more to this and a much more in depth explanation at the Vimeo Page for the City of Lakes short film but the short of it is that it is a beautifully accomplished effort and it’s great to see it in full length, and in high quality on the net. I suggest plugging this one into your HDTV if you have one.

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