I saw Iron Man over the weekend and it was fantastic. It really was a great movie. Pure entertainment.

Something that jumped out at me was the closing credits. They were spectacularly designed and invoked memories of Tron from my youth. It was a testament to the amount of work put into the movie that they didn’t even stop at the credits.

The sequence was designed by Motionographer Danny Yount working for the really amazing motion firm Prologue. It’s a great sequence that makes you think future but calls on inspiration for the past. The combination of the two is what makes it classic.

You can watch it in high quality here.

Full Credits
Title designer: Danny Yount
Design & Animation: Ilya Abulhanov, Danny Yount, Alex Hansen, DongHo Lee, Dave Rinder
Compositing & Finishing: Anthony Mabin
Post Supervisor : Seth Kleinberg
Producer : Ellen Stafford
Executive Producer : Kyle Cooper

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