I successfully made it to Sunderland, England on Friday night and attended the Think Tank exhibition at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art. The curator of the exhibition, Alistair Robinson was a gracious host and showed me around Newcastle the following day where I attended the Mart leg of the event. I was really impressed by what I saw and had a wonderful time shared with some very smart people.

We wrapped up by attending a small event for some of the artists and designers at The Sage Gateshead. The building which serves as a concert hall was an impressive piece of modern architecture in it’s own right and I would recommend seeing it if you plan on visiting Newcastle.

I would loved to have been able to attend more of this year’s events but I am on to Barcelona tomorrow and then Berlin to spend a little time touring Europe. I hope that I can attend next year’s design event and hopefully become more involved with the show. If you are in the area, I highly recommend attending. There is a wealth of thought provoking work regarding the theme of politics and play (an interesting and timely combination) put together by some really exciting desginers from across Europe and the world over. You can read more about this year’s event and the remaining exhibitions here.

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